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A video tribute to the strongest seven on the anime series Katekyo Hitman Reborn in its Arcobaleno arcLuce - the original holder of the Orange (Sky) pacifier and the arcobaleno boss. She have the power to see the future.Aria - the second holder of the Orange (Sky) pacifier that her mother had passed on to her, she also have her mothers ability and also became the arcobaleno boss.Reborn - the holder of the Yellow (Sun) Pacifier, he was the strongest hitman as well as the strongest arcobaleno.Colonnello - a former member of COMSUBIN and the holder of the Blue (Rain) Pacifier, he is an expert when it come to using heavy artillery, using an anti-tank rifle.Viper (mammon) - the holder of the Indigo (Mist) Pacifier, he was the strongest psychic of their timeFon - the holder of the Red (Storm) Pacifier, he was the strongest martial artist of their time.Skull - the holder of the Purple (Cloud) Pacifier, he was the most talented stuntman of their time.Verde - the holder of the Green (Lightning) Pacifier, he was the greatest scientist of their timeLal Mirch - holds a corrupted pacifier, she was one of the original seven and destined to have the Rain Pacifier but her student Colonnello takes her place.This was my first animation video ever made hope you guys like it.