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In this, their finest hour, the guys talked about food, the internet, and TV… It’s much more than it sounds, trust me.

It’s that time of year again, kids go back to school, seasonal places start shutting down, and Geoff goes out of town a lot.

It’s usually good work, him being out of town. It just is hard being in a new place. At first glance, it looks like your choices for food are Taco Bell, Some Fancy Shmancy joint, and another Taco Bell. Even with the apps used between the two iPhones on the trip, it’s not always easy to find a good place to eat.

But leave it to Geoff to be resourceful and find some damn good food when he was out of town! If you don’t already, follow his twitter so you can make sure and not miss out on the many pics from his trips. This time he found a seafood looking sailboat and wood plank filled diner that served an awesome looking breakfast. And for dinner, he found a Cuban place that sold Ox Tail! He got it, of course. I was instantly curious, morbidly so, but could not find a local place that serves this. Gotta get his resources!

So has your mom joined facebook? Mine has. So far it’s been ok but I don’t think about her being on there and who knows what I might say one day. She found out Rowan took her first steps on FB, oops. Then again, I don’t have to email her pics separately anymore at least.

And finally, a sad farewell to a beloved show, Reading Rainbow. They have not kept the contract for the upcoming year. I did find out, though, that we have 2 PBS stations while looking for Reading Rainbow here.

But the real issue for me was when I saw them say that the focus is no longer on getting kids to enjoy to read but just how to read. Why can’t we do both? Seriously, all great to know how to read but if you don’t love it you’ll never use it! Whereas if you LOVE to read, you’ll figure out how sooner or later! And maybe it is time for a new show but to hear that the “focus” for children’s TV has switched? Not enlarged, not encompassed, but switched? I mean we have 80 bajillion channels, hell I have 2 PBS stations not including the Noggins or whatever they are! I think there’s room for both in our lives.