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By popular demand: The 13-Minute Extended Edit BSGcast!Another monster plot development episode, yet somehow three Cylon Baseships blew up, and the mother of a Human/Cylon Hybrid got tossed out an airlock. Nice. Nat has her love of seeing the end of Cally, and Matt has a few problems with the episode itself. But we all loved that Epic Pimp-Slap, right? What were your thoughts? Let us know and you can win all kinds of goodies from Alienware in addition to the usual bragging rights for being a visionary and a genius! For the Mid-Season cliff-hanger we’ve got a $200 pair of Alienware Ozma 7 Headphones up for grabs! And just you wait to see what Alienware has in store for us to give away for the Series Finale… Oh, and Matt makes mention of the Starbuck: Angel/Agitator SciFi promo video in this BSGcast, if you haven’t seen it, check it out at