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E3K NEWS 100 FOR TUESDAY, JULY 21ST, 2009NOTES/DISCLAIMER:The countdown, intro and the music is from the BBC News and BBC Arabic. I do not own this.The 2010 Honda Insight video is from Honda. I do not own this.The CNN 2009 breaking news intro/shortie is from CNN/US. I do not own this.CREDITS:Tilburyboy2009's Shoes courtesy of Z Avenue (Zwinchester 2W)Tilburyboy2009's blazer, shirt, and pants courtesy of The University Club (Zwinchester 1W)rynprov's shirt, visor, pants, shoes, laptop, wristwatch and slush courtesy of WeeWorld Shop.Anchor: Tilburyboy2009 - ZwinkyReporters: rynprov - WeeWorld,Clips/screenshots/video/music:CNN/US Breaking News intro/shortie 200910:00 Zwinky News - Reach into the starsStill photo of Meep video on Youtube (recorded by unknown Youtuber)Second Life cartoon (done by unknown resident)ZNTM logo (done by Jenn from ZNTM/iZwinky)Zwinky - tilburyboy2009's dorm roomWeeWorld - South BeachBBC News (24)/World (News) 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 2008 countdownBBC Arabic countdown/intro (Audio only)BBC News 2008/Arabic introE3K NEWS 100 TV commerical2010 Honda Insight commerical (from Youtube)Platforms/programs used: Zwinky, WeeWorld, Camtasia RecorderVideo Recorded/Screenshots taken by Ryan ProvostProduced by Ryan ProvostCreated/Edited by Ryan ProvostMedia added by Ryan ProvostTitles/text added by Ryan ProvostBased on a little parody of BBC News (24)/World (News)Done on Windows Movie Maker 6.0 abd Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 on Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 on HP Pavilion DV6000 Laptop computerWebsite: http://elite-3000.webs.comMyspace: Live: rw8000@hotmail.comYahoo! Messenger: mrmp_rpr_2003@yahoo.caICQ: 470.430.078AIM: rynprovSkype: rynprovGoogle Talk: rynprov@gmail.comYoutube: tilburyboy2009Zwinky profile: rynprovWeeWorld profile: elite3000IMVU profile: Life: Elite RunnerMeez: tilburyboy12Meez profile:,, rynprov@gmail.comStickam: rynprovDeviantart: http://rynprov.deviantart.comSheezyart: http://rynprov.sheezyart.comXanga: Live Spaces: (C) 2009/EY 1009 EEEMS 34 MLE/EMY 368.7 ELEELSY 1009 EE/ELSXY 1009 EE/ELSXY 1009 EE/ELXY 1009 EEEXY 1009 EE/0921XY 8XN XD/0921XZY 8XZN XZD0921XLY 10XLN XLD/0921XLZY 9XLZN XLZD/ZD 4m386k3c14k4c rm SEDT/1t9n5mc tm ELT/5me3st SPT/13ya2mh WCTELITE 3000 ENTERPRISES PRODUCTIONS LIMITED INC INTRADIMENSIONALThe video you're watching is the property of the Elite 3000 Enterprises Productions Limited Inc Intradimensional. If this or any other Elite 3000 videos is copied, it will be considered infringement of copyright. If copyright Is committed for stealing the video, there will be a DMCA report to be filed, and the stolen video will be reported to Youtube. If you want to use this or any other ELITE 3000 video you will need written consent by the Elite 3000 Enterprises Productions Limited Inc Intradimensional via email or IM via Skype, YIM, ICQ, MSN/WLM, AIM or Google Talk if you wish to use the video and be sure to credit the Elite 3000 Enterprises Productions Limited Inc IntradimensionalComments and video responses are welcome. No rude stuff please!If you like this video, please subscribe, rate, video respond, favourite, and comment.