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(Dub) Movement

Masane's role as the Doji Group's weapon comes with a new home, but security and comfort fade when she learns another powerful entity - the ...

Has the Market Changed American Values?

Has our zealous commitment to free markets changed American values Maybe, argues political philosopher Michael Sandel. By emphasizing the ...

What Do You Know About Alligator? from "9 Chefs Compete"

Season 14 Episode 9
The blue team and red team scramble to prepare dishes using meats that they have never cooked with before.

Samoa Joe vs. Tyler Breeze

Season 9 Episode 304
Can the submission specialist Samoa Joe knock off Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze here in WWE NXT's main event

(Sub) Tartaros Chapter: Final Duels

Laxus and the immortal Tempester face each other in one final battle. Meanwhile, Erza and the others finally reach the Tartaros control ...

Bo Dallas vs Fandango

Season 6 Episode 342
Will it be Bo Dallas or Fandango who prevails in their matchup here on WWE Superstars

Tide: Talking Stain

Watch this classic ad from Super Bowl XLII.

The Vultures This Man Loves May Soon Disappear

Recently, two products that contain the drug diclofenac were legalized, which has inadvertently killed a drastic amount of vultures in a ...

(Sub) In Name Only

Masterless samurai Masanosuke Akitsu' life is changed after a chance encounter with Yaichi, who offers the timid swordsman a bodyguard job ...

Til It Happens To You

Til It Happens To You Pop C 2015 Interscope Records

Gwyneth Paltrow Snaps "Iron Man" Reunion Selfie

Gwyneth Paltrow goes makeup-free while hanging with Robert Downey Jr. See the beachside pic

China's Secret Mummies

Season 3 Episode 18
In a remote Chinese desert, archaeologists have unearthed mummies that are thousands of years old and completely misplaced in this part of ...