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PLEASE SPREAD THIS VIDEO.IMBED ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE.RETWEET THE LINKS.DO WHATEVER YOU CAN.I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT.INTERNET HATE SHOULD BE A CRIME.SLANDER.THREATSLIES.ABUSE.IT SHOULD BE A CRIME.Its sad when the average age group of the haters on beauty channels are 35-50 years old. You'd think these men and women would know better. Shame on them.Its perfectly acceptable to not like a video. Its ok to not like the looks, eyeshadow, review, etc... but its not acceptable to threaten someone. To lie. To abuse. To hurt. Thats not acceptable.Be accountable for your actions.Be kind."No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart" Kevyn Aucoin.ON A BRIGHTER NOTE! Here are some more light hearted videos to cheer you all up :) about makeup!kim kardashian concaeler 10 makeup must haves to find the perfect foundation tips makeup secrets to win