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It's not just the "I can't remember how to feel about Libya" thing that has hurt Mr. Cain's credibility. To be frank, there's been so much. But to some that's all part of his charm. You see, the man has a talent. A skill not just for walking into situations where he clearly has no f--king idea what he's saying, but does so in a particularly sweaty, stammer-y, squirm-y style that acts like a natural defense against political predators--unable to outwit them, he knows how to awkward opponents into submission. As a result, reporters and opponents alike increasingly regard him like a political Pepe Le Pew--an iconic but undesirable figure no one will touch for fear of the stink, yet all he really wants is to learn how to be loved. Don't worry, Herman. Newt seems to love you. Maybe he'll make you vice president when he never, ever becomes president, ever. A TBS Black History minute from 1991. Featuring future Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. Written and Directed by Andy Cobb Starring Willis Turner as Herman Cain Produced by Mark Kienlen Concept by: Mike Damanskis Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain talks to the Journal Sentinel editorial board about the Obama administration's handling of Libya. Herman Cain's famous smoking ad, entitled "Now is the time for ACTION!" Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! ©2010 TheSecond City Inc./Andy Cobb The Second City Network is quickly becoming ...