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As promised, I returned to the haunted flight offices formerly used during WW2 by the US Airforce and the RAF This time in company with team members Deanne Romans and Sean Kim we explored the building in the dead of night to see whether we could elicit more activity than my earlier day visit. We wasn`t at all disappointed as we explored the many disused offices, with some still bearing the names of those officers who served there. As last time there were unaccounted knocks and bangs so typical of this location and a pervasive sense of ill will and irrational fear that none of us could reconcile with. Despite all the years of investigating the paranormal, this building has a sense of intimidation that shakes the most hardened and determined investigator. As an investigation this was beyond any doubt a most memorable occasion and we hope you will enjoy this special for Halloween by `liking` on the video. Happy Halloween from all of us here at Haunted Earth TV!