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An exploration into the art that makes us feel, and the artists that feel for us through paint.Music By Kevin MacLoadthe links:Art NEW SHOWS EVERY, MONDAY WEDNSDAY FRIDAYWhat is the gradualreport?The gradualreport is a human experiment in comedy focusing on; human interactions, human phobias, animal news, giant world events, and scientific non-achievement. These things are distilled through the mind of a weird, smart, eccentric young man named Danny Grozdich and funny is the result.Who is Danny Grozdich?Danny is your best friend on the Internet. I must repeat, "Danny is your best friend on the Internet." And though you may never meet Danny. He wants you to know that he loves you.Final Summation:Danny made these videos to teach you, and make you happy, and help you laugh at the funny side of life, because, in a world of moral ambiguity, laughter, though fleeting, is the only worthwhile certainty to pursue.Here are a few more ways to share in Danny's Internet immortality...Social Media Stuffwebsite: http://www.gradualreport.comfacebook : : : gradual report gradaulreport danny grozdich comedy funny human experiment best friend internet funny comedy video ze best vlog ever new gradual report lol lmao danny kissing happy fun "fun time" learning stand up comed "best friend on the internet"