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Gonna get the new WARHAMMER 40K: SPACE MARINE? Bone up on Warhammer 40k's intricate lore, with the help of TotalBiscuit, in slightly over a minute!Subscribe for New Lore every Wednesday!Written and Narrated by TotalBiscuit: out his WTF is Space Marine review!) by D.J. "Metaly" Ross by Schroeder you JAMMIN' on TGS?http://www.thegamestation.tv story begins with a god-like being of immense power known only as the Emperor uniting the warring factions of Earth and embarking on The Great Crusade to reunite all of mankinds lost colonies. He did this by creating 20 legions of post-human genetically engineered badasses known as Space Marines, each with an even more ridiculously OP Primarch to lead them. Unfortunately, the 4 Gods of Chaos who weren't really into that sort of thing intervened and scattered the Primarch's across the universe while still in their infancy. Rather annoyed by this, the Emperor lead the legions across the galaxy, reclaiming, subjegating or annihilating every world they could find, gradually picking up the lost Primarchs along the way. Eventually the Emperor decided there were more important things to do and retired from his career of galaxy plundering to go and muck about with ancient science back on Earth, leaving his favoured Primarch Horus in command of The Crusade. All was going well until the Chaos-tainted Chaplain Erebus engineering a plot in which Horus would also fail to Chaos. Already suffering from some pretty serious Daddy issues, Horus gathered half the Space Marine legions to his side and set about waging civil war against the Emperor. This conflict would be known as the Horus Heresy and culminated in a massive invasion of Earth. The Emperor, knowing that his forces were outnumbered and on the verge of losing the battle, teleported to Horus' flagship to engage him in mortal combat, but being a sentimental old sod, could not bring himself to kill his favoured son. Horus having no such qualms, beat the snot out of him. Finally seeing sense, the Emperor killed him with mindbullets and the loyalists were victorious. Near death, The Emperor was placed in a huge machine known as The Golden Throne which maintained his psychic essence at the bargain price of the souls of 1000 unlucky sods every single day. The Imperium fell into a state of technological regression and brutal dictatorship and for 10,000 years has been under siege from all sides by every single nasty the universe can throw at it. Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably going to get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.