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Follow Twitter: Fan Facebook:'s Lindsay Caldwell / Twitter: gives you the scoop on Justin Bieber's minor car crash. Images by Justin Bieber Was Involved in Minor Car Crash I'm Lindsay Caldwell for Have no fear, the 17 year old is fine..and so is his hair. He may be pretty, godlike, and drive a black Ferrari, but even Biebs is not immune to the hazards of driving in LA. According to police he was "tapped" from behind by a suspicious Honda in Studio City on Tuesday. Are we sure this wasn't attempt by the passenger to flirt? However, there's no need to alert the press, there wasn't any damage to either of these expensive commodities. Sources say someone in Justin's entourage decided to play it safe and call the police.-I guess so, seeing that the Ferrari wasn't Biebs. Being rich and young, may seem like crime, but in reality Bieber's just living it up. The poor kid has been pulled over before for driving Sean Kingston's Rolls Royce. A police officer thought it looked suspicious for a young kid to be driving an expensive car.-nope officer that's just him enjoying life. Bieber friends must really trust him and think he's a good driver even if he's only been driving for a few years. For the latest entertainment news check out For up-to-the-minute celebrity news, visit Celebrity Photos http Celebrity Videos