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IMPORTANT:Well folks!! Looks like the Mission is complete. Mr. Williams has gotten a lot of attention and potential job offers. PLEASE DO NOT DONATE ANYMORE through me. I will contact Mr. Williams family member to find the best way for him to get the amount that was gathered through this page and the YouTube page I was able to create for Him. However, this does not mean that this groups mission is complete. I was amazed at the interest and power of love that this story created, and most of all at everyone here, who decided to join and help. We could maintain this group open and suggestions would be appreciated how someone else could perhaps benefit.May God Bless everyone of the 245 (+) Members here,Sincerely,Rodolfo RojasMeet Ted Williams, a homeless man from Columbus, Ohio who has a God given gift. Unfortunately, he has no way to share it. Anyone looking to hire someone for voiceovers? Look no further.FACEBOOK GROUP: can usually be found at the Hudson ramp off of I-71 South (for those of you who live in Columbus).