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Jack Hanna's Into Wild

Jungle Jack Hanna and his family criss-cross the globe engaging animal experts in remote jungles, deserts, oceans and forests in search of rare and exciting animal stories in each episode of Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild, kicking off from Jack’s home base at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio.

Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown

Jack Hanna has always had a knack for storytelling with his expressive, genuine, and quirky personality. In Wild Countdown he entertains viewers as he counts down facts and experiences about some of the world’s rarest, most endearing, and fascinating animals. Wild Countdown is hosted from Hanna’s base camp located at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, his home for more than 30 years.

Jack Irish

Emmy winner Guy Pearce (Memento, Iron Man 3) is Jack Irish, the brooding antihero of Australian writer Peter Temple's award-winning novels.

Jackie Chan Adventures

Jackie and his young niece battle a criminal organization for control of 12 powerful magic talismans.

Jackie Without Jack

Acclaimed director Patrick Jeudy has access to a series of conversations recorded a few months after her husband’s assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963.The young widow was then 34, and she recounts the past like a novel about her dream life with her husband John Kennedy. They are conversations about history, and about her own story – including some very intimate secrets and controversial opinions.The Lady in Pink was continually driven by a dual purpose: that of molding her own image, whilst managing that of the president. She cannot change the past, so she may as well rewrite it and start to build the legend of JFK.

Jackson 5ive

For the first time ever, this complete animated series that includes 23 full-length episodes and 46 original Jackson 5ive songs, is available to fans everywhere. With two complete songs in each episode you can join Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael on tour, singing your heart out along the way – GROOVY!

James Can Cook

In five minutes James musters up a diverse range of recipes, putting fresh new twists on familiar old favourites.

James May At Edge Of Space

Space buff James May travels to the edge of the Earth in one of the most iconic planes of the 20th century - the U-2 spy plane. Cruising twice as high as a jumbo jet, watching the curvature of the Earth, James gets an astronaut's view of space.

James May On Moon

As a child James May dreamt of being an astronaut. Now, driven by his passion for technology, James seeks out both the astronauts and the men who built the machines that took us on what he considers to be man's greatest adventure.

James May's Man Lab

James May is on a mission to save modern man – from themselves. From his Man Lab HQ, James and his team set out on a series of action packed challenges that will help modern man relearn some of the vital skills, once cherished by his forefathers, that are now in danger of being lost forever.

James May's Toy Stories

James May is a man on a mission: he wants to get kids out of their bedrooms and away from their video games, he wants to drag parents off their backsides and get them all playing together again. Using some of the world’s best loved toys, James May puts generations of families at the heart of some ludicrously ambitious adventures and extraordinary feats of engineering that fire the imagination and remind us of the joys of doing things together.


Jan handles a camera like a pro. Now if only she can do the same with the seductive actor, her charismatic ex, and her prickly boss.