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A Moody Christmas

A Moody Christmas is a narrative comedy series about the lovable, seasonally dysfunctional Moody family. Each episode is set on Christmas Day, so a year passes between each one, making for a unique and exciting narrative format. Once a year we visit the Moody household at Christmas as they come together to share this universally celebrated holiday, fights, bad gifts, boring uncles, shocking family secrets and bizarre eccentricities that any family whose experienced the melting pot of Christmas Day will relate to. Because while in theory Christmas is a time for family to share and celebrate, in practice its often a day spent with relatives you barely know and have little in common with, where dirty laundry is aired, strangers are forced to act like family and celebratory drinks can disintegrate into drunken rows. This world is seen primarily through the eyes of youngest son, Dan, 25, with whom we journey home each year from where he now lives in London. Dan has always felt a little different to his family; going home can be frustrating, painful, at times even suffocating perhaps that’s why he now lives on the other side of the world. If he can just get through another Christmas Day, he’ll make it through anything ¦and maybe learn a few things about himself along the way. The way you imagine your life will turn out, and the way it actually does turnout can often be two very different things. The time concept of "A Moody Christmas" allows us to develop characters quickly over a long period of time; we are able to time-jump through their lives to see how they’ve changed and how they’ve stayed the same. From the dodgy uncle who shows up with a new love of his life each year to the continuing delays on Dads almost finished house renovations, Bridget’s desire for a family, or Sean’s myriad get rich-quick schemes, this is a real and funny look at a modern Aussie family, through the prism of time, set against the rich backdrop of Christmas.

A Mother's Gift

Young Abbie McKenzie and Will Deal grew up together in Blackhawk, Iowa, a small, crude farm town on the edge of the frontier, where Abbie teaches school and dreams of going to New York to study opera and cultivate her beautiful voice. She has her chance in Ed Matthews, the son of the wealthy local doctor, who offers to marry her and take her with him when he goes East to Medical School--never mind that she doesn’t love him, that can come later. But she breaks her engagement with Ed and instead marries Will, just back from the Civil War, the man she knows she really loves. She rides off to homestead in the empty Nebraska Prairie. Together Abbie and Will struggle against the hardships of the wilderness, build a farm and family, and with the few neighbors who share their journey into the Great Plain, found the town of Buffalo Wallow, Nebraska. Will wants a farm that stretches as far as the eye can see to leave to his son John. Abbie teaches her daughter Isobelle to play the piano and to sing, hoping Isobelle will choose the dream that Abbie walked away from. But young John, as time goes by, shows more interest in the local bank that has sprung up, and disappoints his father by choosing it as a career. Isobelle indulges her mother and travels to New York to see the Julliard School, but hurries right back to marry the boy she loves and be a farmer’s wife in Buffalo Wallow. Abbie and Will take solace in their love for each other, which has sustained them through all the difficult years and sustains them even now when a drought nearly costs them all they have worked for. When Will dies suddenly, in his prime, and Abbie’s children encourage her to give up the farm for an easier life, she insists on staying put. “I buried my husband on this land. I want to lie beside him some far off day after I’ve seen my grandchildren grown.”

A Place In Sun: Home Or Away

In this series of A Place in the Sun Home or Away, Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin continue in their quest to help members of the public find their dream home – but will it be in Britain or abroad? Choices include the Cotswolds vs. Lake Garda and Nottingham vs. Barcelona.

A Place In Sun: Summer Sun

The popular property show that helps house hunters find dream holiday homes all over the world with advice from international property experts. This series returns with a brand new twist, helping people find their dream properties in the summer sun

A Place In Sun: Winter Sun

The popular property show that helps house hunters find dream holiday homes all over the world with advice from international property experts. This series returns with a brand new twist, helping people find their dream properties in the winter sun.

A Que No Puedes

A Que No Puedes es el programa de televisión en donde tus habilidades y las de tu equipo te harán ganar miles de dólares. Basado en una idea original, ¡A que no puedes! Es un programa de concurso en donde los equipos tienen la oportunidad de participar y divertirse. Dos equipos de celebridades del espectáculo, y el deporte son enfrentados una contra la otra para que de manera amistosa compitan por realizar de la mejor manera posible las habilidades y los retos que en el panel de video irán apareciendo. De ganar la habilidad, ganan la cantidad y el equipo ganador comienza acumular dinero para una fundación no lucrativa.

A Song For You

Join hosts Kang In, Amber, and Yook Sung Jae as they take requests from fans around the world and relay them to some of South Korea's hottest talents to perform.

A Step Away

Follow the unique journeys of eight professional dancers performing with Jennifer Lopez on her first-ever world tour. Get to know the individual stories of dreams, perseverance and passion that lead each of them to this moment.

A Tale Of Egypt

Heroic characters and thrilling deeds weave an unforgettable story of faith and courage amid the splendors of ancient Egypt. Join Moses as heleads the Israelites out of slavery to freedom!

A Taste Of Asia

A Taste of Asia is an informative food and travel series that explores culture through the cuisine of 11 different Asian countries. From Malaysia in the south to Mongolia in the north, Turkey to the west and Japan to the east, go sightseeing at the local landmarks and watch as the diverse delicacies of each country are made before your eyes.

A Thousand Days' Promise

Soo Ae (9 End 2 Outs, Athena) and Kim Rae Won (Gourmet) unite in this romantic melodrama about love that transcends all difficulties in life. This marks Kim Rae Won's first drama since leaving the army, and already he sizzles up the screen with his onscreen partner. Lee Seo Yeon (Soo Ae) is a ghostwriter and editor who's led a difficult life ever since her mother abandoned both her and her brother. She falls in love with Park Ji Hyung (Kim Rae Won), a friend of her older cousin who also happens to be engaged to someone else - Noh Hyang Gi (Jung Yoo Mi). Though his marriage to Hyang Gi has been arranged practically since birth, his heart is deeply loyal to Seo Yeon. The two of them have a complicated relationship, as she doesn't want to marry him and have him abandon his wealthy family for her, and he finds himself unable to break up his engagement. But their love is tested when Seo Yeon finds that she is slowly losing all of her memory...

A Thousand Kisses

A drama that deals with the age differences in relationships. Woo Joo Young and Jang Woo Bin explore the older woman-younger man relationship whereas Jang Woo Jin and Joo Young's younger sister, Joo Mi, deal with the huge age gap between them.