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Youngturks Videos - 6 by Popular

Top 1% Doubled Income In Last 30 Years - CBO Report

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reports that over the last 30 years the top one percent of Americans more than doubled their ... tags: 99Percent americanrich cboincome congressionalbudgetoffice incomeinequality other99percent pooramericans

General Pushes For US War With Iran

Retired United States Army General John Keane seemed to push for starting a war with Iran when speaking with two subcommittees of the House ... tags: generalkeane iransaudi iranterror iranterrorists johnkeane obamairan sauditerrorplot

Police Fire Tear Gas at Occupy Protesters in Oakland

Riot police fired tear gas at Occupy protesters trying to enter a plaza outside of City Hall in Oakland California. The Young Turks host ... tags: #occupywallstreet occupyoakland occupypolice occupyteargas occupytogether policeteargas teargas

Qaddafi Song For Rice: 'Black Flower in the White House'

The now-dead dictator of Libya Muammar Qaddafi wrote a song for former Secretary of State under President Bush Condoleezza Rice. The Young ... tags: Cenk condoleezzaricekhadafi gadhafilibya Khadaffy Khadafi Libya libyadictator

Steve Jobs Ripped Fox News as 'A Destructive Force'

Late Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs told News Corp head Rupert Murdoch that Fox News was a 'destructive force in our society'. Cenk Uygur ... tags: applestevejobs cenkuygur foxnewsstevejobs mistykingma obamastevejobs rupertmurdoch rupertmurdochstevejobs

Obama On The Couch - Dr. Justin Frank on the President

Justin A. Frank MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the George Washington University Medical Center, joins Cenk Uygur on The Young ... tags: bushonthecouch insidethemindofthepresident Tyt tytinterviews youngturksbushonthecouchinsidethemindofthepresident

Is Herman Cain African-American?

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain came out and said that he does not want to be referred to as an african-american. Cenk Uygur ... tags: Africa AfricanAmerican America American BarackObama Black CenkUygur

Wolf-PAC Graffiti on Governor's Mansion

A vandal spray-painted Wolf-PAC related graffiti on the Governor's mansion in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur ... tags: #occupywallstreet cenkuygur constitutionalamendment corporatemoney corporatepersonhood corruptpoliticians governmentcorporations