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Marijuana Legalization, Young People Testify in MA

Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Suffolk University NORML students testify in favor of marijuana legalization in Massachusetts tags: collegeColoradolegalizationmarijuanamarijuana_legalizationMassachusettsnews

For millennials, political thrill is gone

A new study shows millennials have lost much of their enthusiasm for politics since President Obamas first election. John Della Volpe of ... tags: #postback20-something20-somethings30s@background@posttvblue

Millennials as 'first globals'

Pollster and author John Zogby explains why he sees the Millennial generation as 'first globals,' with the world at their finger tips. tags: #postback20-something20-somethings30s@background@posttvblue

Young people give the GOP an Obamacare gift

Young people arent signing up for Obamacare health exchanges, a new poll shows. Aaron Blake tells you why this is a holiday present for the ... tags: Aaron_BlakeGOPHarvard_Institute_of_PoliticsHarvard_pollhealthcare.govhealth_care_lawhealth_exchanges

Youth and Politicians - the communication gap | People & Politics

No, the preconception does not hold true young people in Germany actually are interested in politics, according to a scientific study. More ...

Mia April - Young People

Official Clip - Mia April - Young People Musique Mia April - Young People Une production Mtrophon Label En partenariat avec ...

Ron Paul's Youth Appeal

With neatly combed white hair, conservatively cut suits, and solid military service, Ron Paul may not seen like the fiery political ... tags: analysisbbcconversationearlyeconomyelection2012hockenberry

2011-10-30 Ignoring gen Y while the world sleepwalks to catastrophe

Fiona Heinrichs, who studies business administration at Macquarie University in Sydney, feels that her generation is largely ignored and ... tags: activism_and_lobbyingBernard_Saltclimate_changecommunity_and_societyeartheconomic_growthenvironment

Young People 'Over-Reliant on Internet'

Conspiracy theories and propaganda are entering the classroom because young people are not being taught how to judge between truth and ... tags: classroomconspiracydemosenteringinternetjudgemisinformation

Spain: In Debt, Out of Work and Low on Prospects

The massive protests in Spain show no signs of letting up. Angry young people are occupying central squares in many large cities.The main ... tags: BusinessCareerscrisisGranadaInvestingMade_in_GermanyManagement_Marketing