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Amey and Josh at Barcelo Maya Beach - YouTube

We talk with many people everyday we travel and on this trip we met several people from our home town Kelowna and close by city of Vernon. ... tags: AdventureallAmeyAX2000BarcelBarceloBeach

Jamaica Remembered - YouTube

Fantastic people, spectacular scenery, beautiful nature, delicious food and the ever present reggae music, Jamaica has many special ... tags: allAX2000BayBestbirdingBoltBrae

Jamaica Travel - Unforgettable - YouTube

The natural beauty of Jamaica can be seen everywhere, from the mountains to the clear rivers.. The mountains are on the way to Bob Marley's ... tags: allAX2000BayBestbirdingBobBolt

Jamaica - Love the Food - YouTube

Jerk pork and jerk chicken are unreal, cooked over a low heat of natural wood, the smoked flavor is mouthwatering. I love Jamaican food. tags: allAnnesautheticAX2000bammyBayBBQ

Jamaica Cooking and Fruit Yummy - YouTube

I think part of the reason Jamaican's are so happy and say no problem so often is because of the great food they have available. It's all ... tags: adventureallappleartauthenticAX2000Bay

Riviera Maya Mexico Winter Escape - YouTube

The permit that you see here are HUGE I was snorkeling in about 3' of water and they swam into the bay and started feeding They were over ... tags: allAX200BahiaBarcelbeachBlueCancun

Grand Palladium Riviera Resort and Spa - YouTube HD

Love this resort but the Grand Palladium Riviera and White Sands sections are far from the facilities so get ready to walk or ride one of ... tags: allAX200boatCancunCaribbeanCarmenChichen

Ants Up Close - YouTube HD

I like ants, individually they are nothing but in a group they are amazing for their accomplishments. Army ant's on the march can bring ... tags: allANTANTSarmyAX200blackboat

Mexico, is it safe for Canadians? - YouTube HD

Here we go again with the fear mongering by mainstream media in Canada. Yes Mexico has dangerous areas, but so does every other country, ... tags: allAX200CanadiansCaribbeanCBCColonialconcierge