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Week of Feb 23, 2012

Full episode. 'Karateka,' 'Battlefield 3' tips, 'Twisted Metal 3,' 'UFC Undisputed 3,' 'The Darkness 2' and more. tags: Adam_SesslergameplayGamingInternetkaratekaMorgan_Webbreviews

Week of Feb 16, 2012

Full episode. Madden Bowl XVIII, 'RAGE' tips, 'Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning,' 'The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim' parody, 'Spec Ops The Line,' ... tags: Adam_SesslerGaminghalo_reachInternetkingdoms_of_amalurmadden_bowlMorgan_Webb

PlayStation Vita Launch Preview

With the PlayStation Vita gearing up to launch, Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb and Blair Herter bring one into the studio for a good look. They ... tags: ActionAdam_SesslerAdventureBlair_HerterFeaturedGame_PreviewsGaming

UFC Undisputed 3 Review

Are tightened controls and the addition of the Pride Fighting Championship enough to make UFC Undisputed 3 a buy Find out as Blair Herter ... tags: Blair_HerterFeaturedFightingGamingPlayStation_3UFC_Undisputed_3X-Play

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning, the action RPG and hugely ambitious first offering from Curt Schilling's 38 Studios, has arrived, and Adam ... tags: ActionAdam_SesslerAdventureFeaturedGamingKingdoms_of_Amalur:_ReckoningPC

AMY Review

In downloadable horror thriller AMY, you'll fight your way through zombies and puzzles on a mission to return the title character back to ... tags: AMYBlair_HerterGamingPCPlayStation_3Survival_HorrorX-Play

Twisted Metal Review

After a long hiatus, Twisted Metal returns with long-awaited online play. Do your thumbs ache for another shot at vehicular manslaughter ... tags: ActionAdventureBlair_HerterGamingPlayStation_3RacingTwisted_Metal

Alan Wake's American Nightmare Gameplay Preview

Alan Wake's American Nightmare arrives two years after Alan Wake, billed not as a sequel but a standalone downloadable side story that's ... tags: ActionAdventureAlan_Wake's_American_NightmareFeaturedGame_PreviewsGamingMatias_Myllyrinne

SoulCalibur 5 Review

SoulCalibur 5 arrives with more of the armed fighting action you love and adds in new characters and fighting styles and an improved online ... tags: FightingGamingMorgan_WebbPlayStation_3Soulcalibur_5X-PlayXbox_360

Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PS Vita Review

Uncharted Golden Abyss looks to translate the full Uncharted experience to Sony's new handheld. Find out if a pint-sized Nathan Drake ... tags: ActionAdam_SesslerAdventureFeaturedGamingPS_VitaShooter

NeverDead Review

NeverDead is the supernatural shooter in which losing body part after body part won't kill you. Blair Herter finds out if the whole is more ... tags: ActionAdventureBlair_HerterGamingHorrorNeverDeadPlayStation_3

Binary Domain Gameplay Preview

The Yakuza series creators will look for Binary Domain to carve out a nook among the glut of current futuristic third-person shooters out ... tags: ActionBinary_DomainFeaturedGame_PreviewsGamingMorgan_WebbPlayStation_3