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Writing Gears and the Problem with Video Game Storytelling: Adam Sessler Interviews Tom Bissell - ...

At last week's Gears of War Judgment event, Adam Sessler got the chance to chat with Gears of War Judgment co-writer and video game critic ... tags: 360adamextragameslivesrev3gamessessler

The PlayStation 4 Announcement: Adam's Final ASSESSMENT - Rev3Games Originals

We've broken down a ton of aspects fom the PS4's debut - the specs, the games, the OS - but what's our main takeaway Watch Adam's ... tags: adamgamesnextplaystationreactionssesslervideo

The Last Of Us Hands-On Impressions! Adam Sessler - Rev3Games Originals

Adam Sessler just got his first hands-on with Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic PS3 exclusive THE LAST OF US. Find out what he thought, and ... tags: gameplayhandslastnewofonplaystation

'Kratos is a Ballerina of DEATH!' Adam Sessler Talks God of War Ascension with Director Todd Papy - ...

Kratos in back in God of War Ascension, and he looks to be angrier than ever. After playing the game himself, Adam Sessler got a chance to ... tags: adamdirectorgamegamesplaystationrev3gamessessler

God of War Ascension NEW Single-Player GAMEPLAY! Adam Sessler's Hands-On Impressions - Rev3Games ...

Check out Adam's hands-on impressions of God of War Ascension's single player campaign and see some brand new gameplay tags: adamgamesgodhandsonplaystationrev3games

Splinter Cell Blacklist HANDS-ON Impressions! Adam Sessler - Rev3Games Originals

Splinter Cell Blacklist is out August 20th, and Adam Sessler just got his first chance to go hands-on. See what he thought in his first ... tags: 360cellfisherhandsonsamsplinter

Splinter Cell BLACKLIST New Gameplay Preview! Adam Sessler Interviews Game Director Maxime Beland - ...

Adam Sessler just got the chance to play a few hours of Splinter Cell Blacklist and chat with the game's Creative Director, Maxime Beland. ... tags: cellgameshandsonrev3gamessplinterstealth

X-Play: 1000 Episodes!

Our interview with Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler, hosts of G4's X-Play Don't miss their 1000th Episode FEB 1 630PM EST tags: 1000AdamSesslerDownloadGamesSteamepisodesESRBInterviewipad

Mass Effect 3 X-Play Palaven Exclusive

Adam Sessler gets an exclusive look at Mass Effect 3's mission to Palaven's moon from Executive Producer Casey Hudson, as well as details ... tags: ActionAdam_SesslerAdventureCasey_HudsonFeaturedGame_PreviewsGaming

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Gameplay Preview

Old-school bot battler Transformers Fall of Cybertron picks up right where Transformers War for Cybertron left off. Morgan Webb gets an ... tags: FeaturedGame_PreviewsGamingMatt_TiegerMorgan_WebbPlayStation_3X-Play

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Creation Kit Preview

With their official The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim creation kit, Bethesda has released one of this console generation's best games into the ... tags: AdventureBlair_HerterFeaturedGamingPCPlayStation_3RPG

Kinect Star Wars Exclusive Preview

Morgan Webb gets a hands-on preview of Kinect Star Wars, with an exclusive look at Duels of Fate mode, Galactic Dance Off, Podracing, and ... tags: ActionAdventureFeaturedGame_PreviewsGamingKinect_Star_WarsKudo_Tsunoda