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Graphic whaling footage: Sea Shepherd films Japanese whalers

Environmental campaign group Sea Shepherd releases video of a Japanese fleet killing protected whales inside an internationally recognised ... tags: australiaboatbutcheredcampaignersdeadenvironmentfishing

Killer Whales: Smart, social and captive

Some scientists and activists have argued for years against keeping killer whales in artificial enclosures and training them for ... tags: AdministrationandBrancheauDavidDawnKirbyTilikum

Japan Defeats Proposal for Atlantic Sanctuary

Japan and its allies have shot down a Latin American proposal to create a sanctuary for whales in the southern Atlantic Ocean, reigniting ... tags: HarumiJapanOzawaTokyowhaling

Outrage as South Korea resumes whaling

The International Whaling Commission is in uproar after South Korea's decision to resume scientific whaling. It caps a meeting in Panama ... tags: DiplomacyeuronewsKoreaOutragePanamaresumesSouth

South Korea to resume whaling

South Korea has found a loophole in an international moratorium on commercial whaling by claiming they do it for scientific purposes. ... tags: australiagreenpeacejapankoreanewpanamasouth

Inside Story - The future of whales

A compromise proposal to end the 25-year ban on commercial whaling while improving protection measures afforded to the marine mammals ... tags: aljazeeracommercialinsideinsidestoryJapanstorywhales

Indonesian whaling culture under threat - 12 May 2009

Officials from 80 countries attending the World Ocean Conference in Indonesia are seeking an international commitment on marine ... tags: aljazeeraconferenceconservationindonesiamarineoceanstep

Fears over Japan porpoise hunting

Every year, approximately 15,000 Dall's porpoises are killed in the seas off Japan, in a harpoon hunt repeatedly described by the ... tags: asianewscampaignersdallseuropenewsharpoonhuntingjapan

RAW VIDEO: Japan to Hand Over Anti-Whaling Activists

An Australian customs vessel is steaming towards a Japanese whaling ship to pick up three anti-whaling activists held on board after Tokyo ... tags: activistactivistsaustralianJapanlifemarinesea

101 East - Japan's whale hunt

Japan's whaling fleet returned home in April from the Antarctic after conducting their annual whale hunt. It was a difficult season, ... tags: 101101eastaljazeeraeasthunthuntingjapan

Japan Suspends Antarctic Whaling

Japanese officials have announced a temporary suspension of its Antarctic whaling expedition in response to repeated harassment from ... tags: AntarcticaenvironmentalistJapanseashepherdwhalewhaling

Activists Provoke Japan To Suspend Whaling

Japan announced this week that it has suspended its annual whale hunt in the Antarctic for now, after a hardline anti-whaling group gave ... tags: activistAntarcticaedanohuntingJapanseashepherd