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Conjoined Whales Discovered, Dead On The Beach!

Rare conjoined grey whale calves were discovered on Monday in a Mexican Lagoon. This could be the first documented case of its kind. tags: Baleineconjoined_dead_whaleconjoined_whalesdead_whaleslagoonLaguneMexican_lagoon

Women in kayaks meet Giant Humpback Whale

Totally crazy These 2 girls kayaking in the ocean will meet a giant whale fishing awesome tags: Animalattackfishfishinggianthumpback_whaleinsane

SeaWorld Ad Campaign Counters Whale Mistreatment Claims

Facing a mounting public relations crisis, SeaWorld has launched a full-page ad in eight of the country's largest newspapers. tags: claimsdisputingmistreatmentSeaWorldSeaWorld_adsSeaWorld_BlackfishSeaWorld_new_ad

Whales Stranded in Everglades Natl Park!! Poor animals...

Federal officials say ten pilot whales have died after stranding in shallow water in Everglades National Park. An official at the National ... tags: Baleinedead_whaleEvergladeseverglades_national_parkNational_Oceanic_and_Atmospheric_AdministrationOrqueParc_national_des_Everglades

Stranded whales: Dozens of pilot whales beached in Florida

Around 30 whales have become beached in the Everglades National Park in southwest Florida. Report by Fosterso. Like us on Facebook at and ... tags: Everglades_National_Parkfloridapilot_whalesrescuestrandedwhalewhales

Wrecking whale, Miley Cyrus Explodes a dead Whale.. Funny!

So funny parody... the cute Miley Cyrus explodes a dead Whale with her wreckng ball... So funny tags: deadexplodefunnyhumormiley_cyrusparodyso_funny

Exploding sperm whale carcass caught on camera

A camera captured the incredible moment a sperm whale carcass, which washed up in the Faroe Islands, exploded. Report by Blakel. Like us on ... tags: a_whalebeached_whalebeached_whale_explosionbiggest_whaledead_whaledenmarkexploding_whale

Dead Whale explosion. Violent!

A dead whale exploded after a guy opened the belly of the whale corps. Violent explosion due to gaz tags: amazingAnimalBellyburstdeadexplodeexplosion

Helping a Killer Whale!

Fishermen Jason Vonick, Nick Segal, and John Oakes help keep a killer whale moist and cool after it had gotten stuck on rocks in Alaska. ...

Two Fishermen Help Killer Whale Beached On Rocks

While shrimp fishing, fishermen Jason and Nick of Vonick1 encountered a killer whale beached on the rocks near the Prince of Whales island ...

A wild orca plays with its human friend

A wild killer whale plays tug of war with a human. These are some of the most emotional creatures on earth. Very human like. Watch more ...

Whale Smashes Divers Camera

This diver gets way to close to a massive Humpback Whale and nearly pays the ultimate price Watch more videos here Facebook page