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WOW Worlds Largest Waterslide

Too High This thoroughly terrifying waterslide aims to be the world's tallest, once it's completed. It's called Verruckt, which in German ... tags: amazingunknownWaterslideweirdtruefacts

WOW Glow In The Dark Ice Cream

Finding your midnight snack just got WAY easier. An ice cream company has created a flavour that glows in the dark Know more about it in ... tags: factstrueweirdweirdtruefactswow

WTF Weirdest School Names

Our school's name is one of the first things we learn. But how would you feel to say that you belong to 'Epic School' or 'Weed High School' ... tags: amazingfactsschoolstrueunknownunusualweird

WTF Items Stuffed In Bras

We all know that many women stuff many a things in their bras to enhance their looks but did you know what all they stuff Watch this video ...

WOW Worlds 1st Invisible Skyscraper

Korea will be home to the world's first invisible skyscraper, known as Tower Infinity. It will be of 1,476 ft tall and the world's sixth ...

WOW Poseidon Undersea Resort

Poseidon Undersea Resort is one of it's kind and like it's name suggests, it is situated under water Check out the amazing resort and it's ...

WOW Most Beautiful Places In The World

The world is a big place and there are many places to see. Thus, we bring to you the most beautiful, must places in the world. Take a look. ...

WTF Girl Grows Face On Chest

A face on someone's chest', weird to even hear it, right Well, it has happened. A girl in Chine had grown a face on her chest. Know more in ...

WTF Dress Made By Milk

Dresses, they are made of various materials but have you ever heard of a dress made of milk No Well, check out this video For daily dose of ...

WTF 10 Most Weirdest Laws

People do strange things, therefore weird laws are written to help straighten them out. Some of these bizarre laws almost seem like urban ...