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5 Interesting Facts About Breasts

Boobs. What more can be said about them at this point In the wonderful universe that is the female anatomy, boobs pretty much reign ... tags: amazing_factsbreastfeeding_animalsbufflo_babyunusual_factsweirdtruefactsweird_facts


A Taiwanese man, Tseng Lien-Fa, was stranded in the sea for 60 hours. He couldn't even swim. Yet, he made it. to know HOW For More ... tags: amazing_factsswimming_pooltaiwanese_songstaiwan_cityunusual_factsweirdtruefactsweird_facts

WTF - Chewing Gum Cures Onion Tears

Ever wondered why do you tear up while cutting onions Well, here's the solution to know how For More Bollywood Gossips Updates Like Follow tags: amazing_factschewing_gum_oniononions_cryingonions_tearsonions_tear_upunusual_factsweirdtruefacts

WOW The Curious Case Of The Eyepatch

Ever wondered why do sailors and pirates wear eyepatches Well, here's the gist. Find out WHY For More Bollywood Gossips Updates Like ... tags: eyepatcheyepatchespiratessailorsstrange_but_trueunusual_factsweirdtruefacts

WTF Buffalo Gives Birth To Human Like Baby

Have you ever seen a buffalo giving birth to a human baby Well, we dont mean exactly a human baby but a human-like baby. In Thailand, a ... tags: buffalo_birth_humanfactstrueweirdweirdtruefacts

WOW Worlds Top Christmas Destinations

Christmas time is finally here A special day, a special season. Everyone looks forward to celebrate this day with loads of sweets, lights ... tags: christmasweirdtruefactsweird_but_trueweird_newswowwtf

WTF Valeria The Real Life Barbie

Meet 27 year old Valeria Lukyanova from Ukraine. Shes become famous worldwide as the Living Barbie. Her body and her face bring to mind the ... tags: amazingOdessatrue_factsunknownunusualweirdweirdtruefacts

5 Best Food To Lose Weight

Well at a time when internet is everything and the growth of technology is such that all things can be done with just a remote, a check on ... tags: amazingfactstrueunknownunusualweirdweirdtruefacts

7 Strange Animal Facts

Some animals are cute, some are scary and some are just plain weird Check out some of these weird animal's weird facts For daily dose of ... tags: factstrueunknownweirdweirdtruefacts

WOW What A Man Did With A Tree Trunk

One tree, four years of work and an indescribable amount of talent thats what it took to create this incredible masterpiece. A famous ... tags: amazingfactstree_arttrueunknownunusualweird

WTF Is Slime The New Skincare

According to reports, cosmetic with slime have higher sales than regular products. Check out how and why For daily dose of entertainment ... tags: factssnails_skin_carestrange_but_truetrueweirdtruefactsweird_facts

Most Beautiful Animals In The World

There are many beautiful animals in the world. Take a look at our choices and see how many of these did you know about For daily dose of ... tags: animalsbeautiful_animalssciencestrange_but_truetrue_factsunknownunsual