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How To Create A Watermark In Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best and most popular graphics editing programs. Using Photoshop, one can write their name, emboss a ... tags: adobecsphotoshopwatermark

Xylem Employee Volunteers Build Water Tower in India

Watch the Xylem Watermark India water tower build and see Xylem employee volunteers in action. To learn more about the project and Xylem ... tags: citizenshipCSRIndiasanitationstudentsvolunteerwater

Sons, Slaves and Freedom Indeed

This passage highlights Jesus ministry to the religious leaders who claimed to be children of God but who were in fact enslaved to ... tags: bibleBlakechristianChristianityChurchCommunityDallas

The Light that will Put You on the List: How to be One of the Most Spiritually Powerful People Today

Jesus - crazy loving, completely fearless, continually joyful, yet constantly in trouble. In trouble with the spiritual leaders of the day ... tags: bibleBlakechristianChristianityChurchCommunityDallas

Act to Impact Sunday 2012

Are you seen as someone who is living out the Gospel, someone who is aware of the great needs in our community and our world and are doing ... tags: bibleBlakechristianChristianityChurchCommunityDallas

Watermark, signature Photoshop Elements

Adding a Watermark, Copyright or signature to a picture and saving it as a brush tags: AdobebrushcopyrightElementsPhotoshopWatermark

The Elephant in the Room: Five Barriers to Generous Living

All of us have them. Sometimes they're there because we've ignored them for a long time, we've rationalized them, or we just don't have the ... tags: bibleBlakechristianChristianityChurchCommunityDallas

Hell and Lollipops: Eternal Implications

What you think is someday going to have some pretty significant consequences. If you don't think about hell, the Bible suggests that you ... tags: bibleBlakechristianChristianityChurchCommunityDallas

My Favorite Bible Story that's not in the Bible

Taking the opportunity to examine a passage that most conservative scholars feel was not part of the original manuscript, Todd discusses ... tags: bibleBlakechristianChristianityChurchCommunityDallas

The God of Win Win Win Win Win

In anticipation of Act to Impact next Sunday, Todd discusses what motivates God. What would motivate God to want us to know His Word, live ... tags: bibleBlakechristianChristianityChurchCommunityDallas

Creating Watermarks In iWork Pages (MacMost Now 659)

01/18/12 for questions and comments. Sometimes you need to place a watermark, like the word DRAFT or CONFIDENTIAL, behind text in a ... tags: confidentialdraftiworkmacmacmostmacmostnowpages