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The Double (2013) - Teaser Trailer [VO-HD]

jeune homme insignifiant qui va voir sa vie bouleverse suite lapparition inattendue de son sosie. tags: Cathy_MoriartyGemma_ChanJames_FoxJesse_Eisenberg_Mia_WasikowskaNathalie_CoxNoah_TaylorPhyllis_Somerville

My Dinner With Andre - Rubber Chicken Players

Wallace Shawn may love his electric blanket and Andre Gregory may love the ephemeral pursuit of the meaning behind art and life but we love ... tags: Andre_GregorychickenComedyfunnyMy_Dinner_with_Andrepuppetsrubber_chickens

Cary Elwes To Pen 'Princess Bride' Memoir

Cary Elwes is revisiting his most famous role and he's bringing along the rest of the cast from the movie to help him remember the good ... tags: American_Film_InstituteBilly_CrystalChristopher_GuestEntertainmentHeat_VisionInigo��MontoyaKatherine_Latshaw

Violet's Forcefield

The Incredibles 2004 - Violet's Forcefield - Violet Sarah Vowell and Dash Spencer Fox are reunited with their parents, but must immediately ... tags: Bernie_KroppBomb_VoyageBrad_BirdBret_ParkerBud_LuckeyCraig_T._NelsonDash

Designing Bob's Suit

The Incredibles 2004 - Designing Bob's Suit - Bob Craig T. Nelson solicits Edna Brad Bird for a patch job on his old suit, but she gets ... tags: Bernie_KroppBomb_VoyageBrad_BirdBret_ParkerBud_LuckeyCraig_T._NelsonDash

Rowdy Dinner

The Incredibles 2004 - Rowdy Dinner - The kids8217 argument quickly escalates until everyone is using their superpowers. tags: Bernie_KroppBomb_VoyageBrad_BirdBret_ParkerBud_LuckeyCraig_T._NelsonDash

Plane Crash

The Incredibles 2004 - Plane Crash - When The Parrs8217 plane is shot by a missile, all three of them are sent falling through the sky. tags: Bernie_KroppBomb_VoyageBrad_BirdBret_ParkerBud_LuckeyCraig_T._NelsonDash

The Dragon Lady

Happily N'Ever After 2006 - The Dragon Lady - Rick Freddie Prinze Jr.nbspdelivers Ella Sarah Michelle Gellarnbspand her stepsisters an ... tags: Amigo_3Andy_DickDwarf_1Dwarf_2EllaFairy_GodmotherFreddie_Prinze,_Jr.

At Last a Damsel in Distress!

Happily N'Ever After 2006 - At Last a Damsel in Distress - When Frieda Sigourney Weaver realizes that she is doomed to be the loser in the ... tags: Amigo_3Andy_DickDwarf_1Dwarf_2EllaFairy_GodmotherFreddie_Prinze,_Jr.

The Staff of Power

Happily N'Ever After 2006 - The Staff of Power - Frieda Sigourney Weavernbsptakes control of Fairytale Land by stealing the magical staff ... tags: Amigo_3Andy_DickDwarf_1Dwarf_2EllaFairy_GodmotherFreddie_Prinze,_Jr.

Annoying Little Optimist

Happily N'Ever After 2006 - Annoying Little Optimist - Frieda Sigourney Weaver tells Ella Sarah Michelle Gellar that all hope is lost and ... tags: Amigo_3Andy_DickDwarf_1Dwarf_2EllaFairy_GodmotherFreddie_Prinze,_Jr.

We Got Witches!

Happily N'Ever After 2006 - We Got Witches - Ella Sarah Michelle Gellar takes command of the Dwarves' anti-air gun against a trio of ... tags: Amigo_3Andy_DickDwarf_1Dwarf_2EllaFairy_GodmotherFreddie_Prinze,_Jr.