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Voters have the right to reject all candidates in polls | Supreme Court | Latest India News

Voters have the right to reject all candidates in polls Supreme Court Latest India News

GOP voters still searching for frontrunner

CBS News political analyst John Dickerson spoke with Bob Schieffer on Herman Cain's opposition to abortion, his popularity among the ...

Disabled voters to use iPads in Oregon

Disabled voters in five Oregon counties get to use an iPad to cast their vote. Terrell Brown reports.

Personhood amendment fuels abortion debate

Mississippi voters are considering an amendment to their state constitution by adding the 'personhood' amendment, and it has become the ...

Muslim Brotherhood sees strong support in Egypt election

Egyptians turned out in droves to vote for a new parliament for the first time since Hosni Mubarak's ouster. Elizabeth Palmer reports the ...

Traditional campaign tactics fail on Iowa voters

Rick Santorum has spent almost 90 days campaigning in Iowa visiting all of the state's 99 counties. But as Dean Reynolds reports, the ...

Ann Romney defends Mitt: We care about the 100 percent

Ann Romney responds on 'The Tonight Show' to criticisms of her husband Mitt Romney's remarks about the '47 percent' of voters.

Romney on deficit reduction: Don't expect "huge" tax cuts

Mitt Romney on Wednesday focused his pitch to voters in Westerville, Ohio, on paying down the national debt -- one of the few areas where ...

Maldive voters elect leader after protests and violence

Voters in the Maldives queue up to cast their vote for a new leader - 20 months after their first democratically elected president was ...

Germany: Angela Merkel faces angry voters at start of...

Supporters and detractors of Germany's Angela Merkel turned out to hear her speak at a rally in Seligenstadt near Frankfurt.The chancellor ... tags: AngelaElectionseuronewsGermanyGermany:MerkelParliamentary

Voters threaten

Voters threaten tags: threatenTv9Voters