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Raw Video: Hawaiian Volcano Spews Rivers of Lava

A new breakout of lava has occured at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Powered by ... tags: eruptionHawaiiKilauealavaVolcanismvolcano

Raw Video: Italy's Mount Etna Erupts

Sicily's Mount Etna erupts violently in a spectacular display seen for miles around it, but presents no risk to nearby villages.Powered by ... tags: asheruptionEtnaMountMtSicilyvolcanic

Raw Video: Chilean Volcano Lets Off Steam

The Hudson Volcano in southern Chile spews a jet of steam up to a kilometer into the sky as its alert status rises to Level 5.Powered by ... tags: ChileChileaneruptionHudsonvolcanicVolcanismvolcano

RAW VIDEO: Volcanic Activity Off Canary Islands

The regional government of Spain's Canary Islands has ordered the evacuation of homes and road closures near the southern tip of El Hierro ... tags: activitycanaryEuropeanislandseismologySpaintremor

Huir del ajetreo urbano para...¡observar la erupción del volcán más grande de África!

Virunga, Parque Nacional de La Repblica Democrtica del Congo, ofrece a los turistas excursiones para observar la erupcin del volcn ... tags: Congo erupcin erupciones eruption Erupts Eruzione fenomeno

4/27/2011 -- Earthquake Update and Overview -- also 2 week forecast for USA

All links belowmsm story speaking about california's swarm of main concern.. southern California Baja .. up to Mono Lake California -- ... tags: 2011activeactivityarkansasasiaaustraliabritish

GLOBAL Earthquake OVERVIEW - March 20, 2011 - Areas of concern, USA, EU, ASIA..

I know the whole world is basically listed in the title as 'areas of concern' ... I wish i could make it less of an area.. but the facts ... tags: activeactivityamericaamericanarkansasasiabelgium