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Vlookup Videos - 3 by Popular

Dueling Excel - Lookup 2 Values: Podcast #1271

In today's dueling Excel podcast, Mike and Bill compare formulas when you have to do a lookup that matches two values in two columns. ... tags: accountingbusinessEducationexcelformulamrexcelSoftware_How-To

Dueling Excel - 2 Item VLOOKUP: Podcast #1267

In this week's dueling Excel podcast Episode 1267, Mike and Bill take a look at formulas to perform a lookup that requires two key values ... tags: accountingbusinessEducationexcelformulamrexcelSoftware_How-To

VLOOKUP - Check which values matches in two columns

Compare in two columns if there is a common value and if so then return a value present in that both columns send me a private message if ... tags: Educationexcel_matchmatch_formulamatch_two_columnsvlookup

Where is the Last in Row?: Podcast #1254

As a follow-up to Episode 1252,nbsp 'Once you've used the HLOOKUP to return the last value in the row, can you find the date associated ... tags: accountingbusinessEducationexcelhlookupindexmatch

Find Last Value in a Row: Podcast #1252

A question from my seminar at the NAESA conference in New Orleans September 2010 'How can I return the last value entered in a particular ... tags: accountingbusinessEducationexcelformulahlookupmrexcel

Lookup 2 Values - Episode #1203

How can you do a lookup to find records that match 2 columns Episode 1203 shows how to use a concatenated key to solve the problem....This ... tags: accountingbusinessEducationexcelmrexcelSoftware_How-Tospreadsheets

Lookup 2 Columns: Part II - Episode #1204

Solving the same problem from episode 1203, doing a VLOOKUP that matches two columns, but without using a concatenated key. This solution ... tags: accountingbusinessEducationexcelmrexcelSoftware_How-Tospreadsheets