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Rock-A-Bye Baby - Harry Harlow Baby Monkey Experiments (2 of 3)

Rock-A-Bye Baby - documentary from 1984. It delves into the work of Harry Harlow and his experiments on baby monkeys and the affect of ... tags: atachment comfort father fear love nurture nurturing

Was Leonardo Bigendered, Transgendered, or Cross Dresser or Transvestite?

These are three portraits by Leonard Da Vinci. From Left to right, 'Self Portrait', 'Christo - The Savior', and 'Mona Lisa'. Note how these ... tags: cross dres upcycleartistcrossdresupcycle

Nicotine Experiment On Rabbit

nicotine, found in tobaco leaves and tobaco smoke causes blood vessels to constrict. This profoundly effects the most narrow blood vessels ... tags: arteries breath breathing capillary cigarette circulatory ears

Nicotine Experiment on Mouse - 1 drop killed mouse

clip from a public domain educational film showing how one drom of nicotine can kill a mouse. And there are several drops worth of nicotine ... tags: addiction animal attack class classroom cocaine crack

Temper Tantrum or Doped Up on Sugar?

An experiment to show the effects of sugar on the brain, emotions, and other cognitive functions. In this case the boy had consumed 6 ... tags: addiction anger boy cake candy cream disability

Enjoy the Hollywood Celebraty experience for the day - pay professional Paprazzi to follow you

There are professional paprazzi that will follow you around like a real hollywood celebrity. Taking flash pictures with fancy expensive ... tags: academy awards body by cameras celeb Celebraty

PTSD on the Bridge

US military veteran from Iraq war describing how he got PTSD flashback while on a bridge as a civilian at his home town. He also talks ... tags: Bridge on the upcycleBridgeonPTSD

Buckminster Fuller talks about transporting humans by radio waves like Transporter on Star Trek?

Is Bucky ter Fuller's ideas of transporting humans by radio waves where Roddenberry got his idea for the transporter from Star Trek tags: 4d buckminster car dome dymaxion environment environmental

Computers Are Like Electric Bicycles For The Mind - Steve Jobs - Think Different

This is a tribute to Steve Jobs and his inspiration. And the acknowledgement of humans as being masters of tool building, the idea that ... tags: apple assist battery bicycle bike biking byke