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Unusual Way - Nine - Recital

Unusual Way - Nine - Performed by Renee for her graduating Music Theatre recital held on campus at the Australian Institute of Music AIMNo ... tags: aimaimtvaustralianinstitutemusicninerecite

Exceptionally rare conjoined whales found in Mexico

Fishermen have found two exceptionally rare conjoined grey whale calves in a lagoon in Mexico. tags: conjoinedExceptionalExceptionallyMexicorareScientistUnusual

Meet Ippo The Zonkey

Half donkey, half zebra. It can only be Ippo the Zonkey. tags: africacutedonkeyhorseItalyoddsanctuary

Unorthodox nativity statuettes a big hit in Naples

If you are interested in creative nativity figurines then a visit to San Gregorio Armeno, Naples is a must. Here traditional statuettes ... tags: bigChristmashitItalyNativityUnusualXmas

Pim Zond - Vampire Stake & Guitar VIDEO - Avant-garde Electro-acoustic MUSIC

Vampire stake and wooden mallet. Hammer horror play ,GUITAR noise and MUSIC Video. Visionary music ARTIST Pim Zond experiments with ... tags: Avant-garde_musicCanadaManitoba_musicMusic_videoNoiseOutsider_artPim_Zond

Saudi Arabian man jumps head first into snow

A Saudi Arabian man was so excited by the Middle East's unusually cold weather that he jumped head first into a snow drift. tags: Best_Reaction_EverFunnyHeadJumpsOffbeatSnowUnusual

Usain Bolt races against a bus in Argentina

The world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, squared up against an unorthodox challenger, an Argentine metro bus on Saturday. tags: AgainstBusOffbeatQuirkyRaceRunnerSports

WTF Valeria The Real Life Barbie

Meet 27 year old Valeria Lukyanova from Ukraine. Shes become famous worldwide as the Living Barbie. Her body and her face bring to mind the ... tags: amazingOdessatrue_factsunknownunusualweirdweirdtruefacts

Cheese, Blip, Other Weird Baby Names of 2013

Parenting website releases the most unusual baby names of 2013, including Blip and Nyx. Leigh Scheps breaks down the some of ... tags: baby_centerbaby_center_website_weird_baby_namesbest_baby_names_2013blipcheesecraziest_baby_namesflower

5 Best Food To Lose Weight

Well at a time when internet is everything and the growth of technology is such that all things can be done with just a remote, a check on ... tags: amazingfactstrueunknownunusualweirdweirdtruefacts

New White Lion Cub Born In Serbia

There's a new arrival in Serbia - a teeny tiny white lion... tags: cubcuddlycutefamilylionpawsweet

Dinner in the Sky: The 50 metres high restaurant

A new dining experience in Mexico City is offering customers a real taste of the high life. At 'Dinner in the Sky Mexico', diners are ... tags: CuisineHighmetresMexicorestaurantSkyUnusual