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RetroVision Theater Presents: Sons of Steel 1934

The sons of two wealthy brothers in the steel business take very different paths in life based upon how they'd be raised. While both are ... tags: charles_starrettclass_warfareindustrial_revolutionline_workerslow_wagesmiddle_classNews_Politics

Dep. Prosecutor of Indiana to Gov. Walker: Orchestrate a False Flag Attack (Mar 24, 2011 - msnbc)

March 24, 2011. MSNBC. Ed Schultz reporting. Carlos Lam, deputy prosecutor of Indiana, sent an email to Wisconsin governor Scott Walker R ... tags: agentattackaudiobrothersbudgetcallcarlos

Wisconsin Republicans Have Already Lost (They Just Don't Know it Yet)

Aired March 4, 2011. MSNBC. Rachel Maddow reporting on the Great Republican Overreach of 2011. Republicans essesntially had to use force to ... tags: agentaudiobrothersbudgetcallcomplaintconflict

Wisconsin Republicans Break Law to Bust Unions (Mar 9, 2011 - msnbc)

March 9, 2011. MSNBC. Rachel Maddow reporting. Republicans invent and then detonate a new 'nuclear option' to pass legislation with no ... tags: agentaudiobrothersbudgetcallcomplaintconflict

Michael Moore: Republicans Have Declared War on the Middle Class (Mar 9, 2011 - msnbc)

March 9, 2011. MSNBC. Rachel Maddow reporting. Interview with Michael Moore regarding Republican attempts to usurp democracy in Wisconsin, ... tags: agentaudiobrothersbudgetcallcomplaintconflict

Walker's WI Republicans Break Law; Wisconsin 14 Respond (Mar 9, 2011 - msnbc)

March 9, 2011. MSNBC. Ed Schultz reporting. A disgusting move by Wisconsin republicans today to unilaterally bust unions. The 14 democratic ... tags: agentaudiobrothersbudgetcallcomplaintconflict

Republicans Already Trying to Disenfranchise Democratic Voters for 2012 (Mar 10, 2011 - msnbc)

March 10, 2011. MSNBC. Rachel Maddow reporting. Efforts led by Republicans are currently underway in 38 states with the goal of making it ... tags: african-americanbust_unionsclass_warfareconvicteddisenfranchiseddisenfranchisementfelon