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CES 2011 - Sean Carruthers talks with Cali Lewis

While roaming the showroom floor at CES 2011 Sean Carruthers runs into Cali Lewis of and gets to talk to her about what is ... tags: butterscotchbutterscotch.tvCaliceshowhowtoLewis

CES 2011 - The ComfortLink II Thermostat

Sean Carruthers talks with Tim Storm Connected Home Solutions and he tells us about the new ComfortLink II Thermostat. This thermostat ... tags: 2011butterscotchbutterscotch.tvCESComfortLinkhowhowto

CES 2011 - Streaming HD with MyWirelessTV

Andy Walker talks with Manoj Gujral from Cavium Networks, about the company's new MyWirelessTV device. MyWirelessTV allows you to use your ... tags: Andybutterscotchbutterscotch.tvCaviumhowhowtotucows

CES 2011 - Withings' Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings has developed a Blood Pressure Monitor that you can plug into an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to monitor your blood pressure. Sean ... tags: AppleBloodbutterscotchbutterscotch.tvhowhowtoiPod

CES 2011 - Lenovo's 2011 line of laptops

The Lenovo ThinkPad laptops scheduled to arrive later this year, 2011, are more stylish and affordable than ever. Andy talks to Jason ... tags: Andybutterscotchbutterscotch.tvCEShowhowtotucows

CES 2011 - SanDisk SSD technology

Mike Wong from SanDisk, talks to Sean Carruthers about the company's solid-state drives at CES 2011. Solid-state drive SSD technology is ... tags: 2011butterscotchbutterscotch.tvCESConsumerhowhowto

CES 2011 - Spot Connect connects you to your social network

The Spot Connect by Spot Inc allows you to connect via satellite to your social networking profiles rather than over cellular transmission. ... tags: Andrewbutterscotchbutterscotch.tvceshowhowtoMoore-Crispin

CES 2011 - Cinemin Slice projector

Andy Walker gets to check out the Cinemin Slice by WowWee and talks to Steve Hardy about what the device can do. At CES 2011, the Cinemin ... tags: Andybutterscotchbutterscotch.tvceshowhowtotucows

CES 2011 - Lenovo custom tablets

Andy Walker talks to Sam Dusi from Lenovo, about the upcoming tablet model. This prototype model was displayed on the floor of CES 2011 ... tags: Andybutterscotchbutterscotch.tvceshowhowtotucows

CES 2011 Pure puts your music in the cloud

Sean looks at the latest audio devices to be developed by Pure, the Contour and the ONE Flow, at CES 2011. The Contour acts as an Internet ... tags: 2011butterscotchbutterscotch.tvcesConsumerhowhowto

CES 2011 - Asteroid gives you voice-activated calling GPS

While at CES 2011 Andy Walker finds the Asteroid unit by Parrot. The Android-powered device is meant to be installed in your car and can ... tags: butterscotchbutterscotch.tvceshowhowtondytucows

CES 2011 - Blue Microphones can make your flip audio better

At CES 2011, Sean Carruthers was able to talk to Brian Biggott of Blue Microphones. The Yeti Pro has an analog adapter and a 192khz ... tags: Bluebutterscotchbutterscotch.tvceshowhowtoMicrophones