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Diego the 'rampant' tortoise

Described as prolific, bossy and rather randy, please meet Diego the tortoise who has taken centre stage on the Galapagos Islands. Report ... tags: ANDFINALLYGALAPAGOSISLANDSLONESOMENEWNEWS

How To Care For Baby Tortoises

Follow Mark Amey's step by step guide to looking after baby tortoises. Tortoises are interesting pets but need committed owners as they can ... tags: BabyExoticInfantReptileTortoises

Tortoises Get a Lift for Their Weigh-In

Riga zoo invites famous athletes to help weigh two rare giant tortoises. The once routine procedure is now a public show as the tortoises ... tags: animalsenvironmentRigascienceTortoisesZoo

Tortoises Being Trained to Move Faster

At Leicestershire, Englands Twycross Zoo, giant tortoises are undergoing training to teach them to move faster.Turtles and tortoises are ... tags: fastfastermovetortoisestrained

Learn About Baby African Tortoises as Pets

The African Spurred Tortoises come from the central plains of Southern Africa. Watch to learn what you need to know in order to keep these ... tags: AboutAfricanafrican_tortoiseBabybaby_african_tortoisecareLearnDiet

Tortoise's Injured Leg Replaced With a Wheel

Learn how WSU Pullman doctors managed to replace Gamera the tortoise's injured leg with a wheel. tags: animal_newsanimal_storiesDoctorsExpert_SeriesGeoBeatsInjuredKnowledge_Nature

The Pet Trade: Turtles and Tortoises

For seven months, PETA went undercover inside one of the top sellers of reptiles and mammals in the United States. Learn more about what ... tags: animal cruelty animals officialpeta PETA reptiles and mammals tortoises turtles

How To Look After Baby Tortoise

This educational resource is a practical time-saver that will enable you to get good at reptiles, weird animals. Watch our tutorial on How ... tags: andBabyExoticInfantLeisureLifeReptile

Lightening too close! ! by Yvonnes Photography Tucson

Monsoon storm July 18, 2011 Tucson, arizona by Yvonnes Photography tags: defdisasterfloodingjamlighteninglightningmesquite

Reptile Rally This Weekend At PetCo

Looking for something fun to do Kimberly learns about a unique event from PetCo. tags: bearded_dragonfirLocalnormsreptilesscorpionstortoises

Giant Tortoise Coitus

DFTBA Shirt Squid shirt Project for Awesome 2010 mailing list which John Green discusses the mating habits and sexual reproduction of giant ... tags: Animalsanimal_matingmatingnerdfighterssoundstortoisetortoises