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With federal funds drying up, desert tortoises to be euthanized

A cutoff of federal funds is forcing the closure of the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center near Las Vegas. Officials plan to euthanize ...

The race to save the tortoise

Turtles and tortoises have been roaming the planet for 200 million years, but now many of them are endangered by poachers who can sell some ...

Tortley the tortoise is still missing in Baltimore

Tips are pouring in on the missing tortoise, Tortley, but his owner says her beloved pet is still missing.

Baltimore woman looks for missing pet tortoise

Baltimore resident Alexandra Roosevelt is looking for her pet tortoise, Tortly, who went missing in August.

Zoo animals get treats

By McAvaney NickKeepers at London Zoo have devised a few new ways to keep some of their animals stimulated, including a form of apple ... tags: animalsdragonfeedinggalapagoskomodolizardlondon_zoo

Runaway Tortoise Makes It One Half of a Mile in 5 Days

Recently, a tortoise named Aston ran away from home. Five days later she was found a half a mile away.All pets are dear to their owners, ... tags: animalsescapesNewsrunawayslowtortoiseWeird

Lonesome George dies aged 100

Lonesome George, the last giant Galapagos tortoise, dies aged 100 at the Galapagos National Park in Ecuador. Report by Genelle Aldred. Like ... tags: ecuadorgalapagosgeorgegiantlonesomenationalpark

Diego the 'rampant' tortoise

Described as prolific, bossy and rather randy, please meet Diego the tortoise who has taken centre stage on the Galapagos Islands. Report ... tags: ANDFINALLYGALAPAGOSISLANDSLONESOMENEWNEWS

Tortoise in Love

Tom, gardener at the big house, is not a fast mover with women. In fact he's glacially slow. When beautiful Polish au pair Anya arrives for ... tags: AliceComedyinLoveMitchelsonRomanceTom

The Hare And The Tortoise - Aesop's fables

Watch the animation series of Aesops fables- 'The Hare And The Tortoise' To watch all Aesops fables Never make fun of anyone's weakness. ... tags: AesopsandchildrenFablesHareKidsstories

Turtle - Parry Gripp

Thataposs not a turtle Itaposs not hard to understand tags: grippparrysongtortoiseturtle

R2-D2 Tortoise and Yoda Dog

How do you know if your pets are ready to re-enact Star Wars When youaposre lonely enough, youaposll know. tags: anddogtortoiseyoda