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How to Soothe a Sore Throat With Cloves

Sore throats can be very painful and can ruin your day. Here is a natural and economic remedy to soothe your irritated throat. Make an ... tags: calmgroghurtpainpainfulrelievesoothe

HORRIFYING: Zookeeper Mauled by Siberian Tiger; Zoo Visitors Witness Incident

A zookeeper in Germany was mauled by a siberian tiger after forgetting to close the gate during feeding time. The tiger crept up to the man ...

Lovelace Movie Review

Mackinley just saw Lovelace, but you probably shouldn't. Watch his review for more details. tags: amandadeeplindalovelacemovieseyfriedthroat

The 70's wardrobe of 'Lovelace'

The latest film adaptation of the life of Linda Lovelace, starring Amanda Seyfried in the tragic title role, required a wardrobe of ... tags: actorChuckDeepfilmHughPornographicStyle

How HPV Vaccine Could Prevent Throat Cancer

There are more than 40 strains of HPV that can infect parts of the body including the mouth and throat. tags: cancerhpvhumanillnesspapillomavirussexuallythroat

How To Do Straight Razor Shaving

Looking for the ultimate shave You can't get any smoother than a straight razor shave. In this step by step guide Ben Hardwick, barber at ... tags: cutdohowrazorshavethroatto

2 year old girl dies after food stuck in throat

2 year old girl dies after food stuck in throat tags: afterdiesfoodgirloldstuckthroat

Florence and the Machine Front Woman Recovering From Vocal Injury

The Florence and the Machine front woman, Florence Welch, had a big scare when she said she felt something snap in her throat during a ... tags: andcanceledchenineconcertsflorencehostinjury