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Falluja residents who fled still fearful of escalating violence

Thousands of civilians have streamed out of Falluja since Al Qaeda-linked militants seized control over the city. The city's clean-up has ... tags: andareawaycityfearfromresidents

Thousands of African migrants protest outside Israeli parliament

Thousands of African migrants gather in front of Israel's parliament Wednesday demanding recognition and protesting against a new ... tags: demandinggovernmentIsraeliLutterbeckmigrantsparliamentprotest

Children celebrate Christmas in Damascus amid war

Santas in Damascus are coming together for a special Christmas service for Syrian children - some of them affected by the war. The relaxed ... tags: amidChildrencolorfulholdsNathanservicesome

Tony Gonzalez Saved The Life of A Man

Tony Gonzalez inadvertently saved someone's life by crashing into them on the sidelines. tags: braincrashingfansgonzalezintosavedsomeones

Protests as Russia and Ukraine sign a new trade deal that brings them closer

Russian President Vladimir Putin has slashed the cost of gas sold to Ukraine and agreed to buy billions of government bonds.The deal comes ... tags: andbringscloserdealGasProtestssign

Sink Them All Trailer

Trailer de Sink Them All 2007, un jeu vido dvelopp sous virtools par des tudiants de Lisaa -Promo 2008- Team Mickael Aroma Website ... tags: AllGameLisaaSinkThemTrailer

Ölümsüz Aşk / Ain't Them Bodies Saint - Türkçe Altyazılı Fragman

Ruth ve Bob, Teksas'n su dolu topraklarnda tozu dumana katan bir ifttir. 1970'leringetirdii btn kanunsuzluklar, tehditler ve ihanetler ... tags: AintAşkÖlümsüzbeyazperdeBodiesfilmfragman

Tired of seeing your ex's junk? Sell it in Chile.

Tired of looking at your ex's belongings A Chilean online community known as Wapas might have just the solution. Women who want to move on ... tags: belongings:ChileChileanentrepreneursGavinojunkseeing

Rangers hunt down rhinos in effort to save them

This helicopter is not full of armed poachers, but rhino saviours. The Kenia Wildlife Service tranquilises the animals in an operation for ... tags: AnimalDownEndangeredHuntRhinoRhinosThem

Air strikes kill at least 40 in northern Syria, monitoring group says

WARNING-STORY CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES A blood-stained airbag, blown-out car windows and billowing smoke drifting higher and higher above ... tags: Aleppogroupkillleastmonitoringnorthernpeople

Découv' de RETRO CITY RAMPAGE (PC) Part 05

Et hop hop hop, je continue Ne regardez pas cette vido si vous n'avez pas envie de vous faire spoiler pleins les yeux... comme d'habitude tags: artatarigtanintendopixelretroretrogaming

3 BTech students die as car crashes onto them

3 BTech students die as car crashes onto them