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TPS Ep. 054 – Free Audio Hosting Woes

01/05/12 announces they will no longer accept audio only uploads. For the past six years or so, has been kindly hosting audio only ... tags: audioblipblip.tvblogEducationEducation_Trainingfix

TPS Ep. 055 – Podcast Currency: How Your Podcast Pays You Back

You produce a podcast that you make available for free and in fact spend lots of your own money on if you8217re truly invested. So how does ... tags: currencyEducationEducation_Trainingmakemoneypaypodcast

TPS Ep. 051 – Back to Podcasting Basics (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing where I left off in part one of this two part series, I wrap things up with a discussion about the remaining basic pieces ... tags: artworkbasicseditorEducationEducation_Trainingfeedfeedburner

TPS Ep. 050 – Back to Podcasting Basics (Part 1 of 2)

Learn the basics of podcasting from how to decide on a topic to choosing gear, software and hosting for your website and media.You8217ve ... tags: audiobasiccameraeditEducationEducation_Traininggear

TPS Ep. 048 – Audio Only Live Streaming Via Mixlr And Podcast Myths

Have you ever wanted to live stream your podcast in an audio only player Finally a solution that caters to audio only podcasters has ... tags: audioEducationEducation_TrainingembediOSlivemixlr

TPS Ep. 47 – Recording a Double-Ender Podcast

When you want the absolute best quality recording from your remotely co-hosted podcast, you record a double-ender.A double-ender is a type ... tags: audiocohostdoubleEducationEducation_Trainingenderhow

TPS Ep. 046 – Show Notes and Increasing Audience Participation

As a podcast producer you have likely heard that you need to create good show notes for each episode. But what does this mean and how do ... tags: audienceEducationEducation_Trainingfeedbackincreaselistenernotes