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The Elephant Princess Videos by Popular

Coming of Age

At Alex's birthday party an exotic boy, Kuru, and elephant, Anala, appear in her backyard. They tell her she is the Princess of Manjipoor, ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsKidsPrincessThe_Elephant_Princess

Don't Call Me Princess

When Kuru explains Alex has been adopted, Alex is shocked to find it is true. Scared and upset she accidentally erases her family from ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsKidsPrincessThe_Elephant_Princess

Rabbit Season

At band auditions, Amanda and J.B. discover Anala Alex's elephant. Alex tells them she is a magical Princess, but they don't believe her. ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsKidsPrincessThe_Elephant_Princess

Kuru the Guru

Kuru enrolls at Alex's school and is a social disaster To protect him from certain humiliation by Trent and the school fencing team Alex ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsKidsPrincessThe_Elephant_Princess

The Powerful Ballad

When Kuru returns to Manjipoor and is trapped by Vashan, Kuru finds he needs to use a magic gift from Alex. It has unusual consequences for ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsKidsPrincessThe_Elephant_Princess

Not Made in Japan

Infected by Vashan's magic, Alex accidentally creates a new girlfriend for J.B. when she practises her destroy spell. On the surface Asuza ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsKidsmagicPrincessThe_Elephant_Princess

Lean On Me

Alex agrees to visit Manjipoor to meet Omar, but when Alex realises it means being a Princess, she backs out. As a result, Kuru is fired. ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsKidsPrincessThe_Elephant_Princess

Welcome to the Fairy Tale

Amanda convinces Alex to make a discreet trip to Manjipoor, and J.B. travels too. They arrive in an enchanted forest and meet a family ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsFantasyKidsPrincessThe_Elephant_Princess

Warts and All

Wanting to know if Marcus is in love with her, Alex does magic and accidentally becomes a frog To restore her to humanity, Kuru, Amanda and ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsFantasyKidsPrincessThe_Elephant_Princess

The Butterfly Effect

Vashan uses magic to transform Diva into a teenage girl and secretly send her into Alex's world to find out her weaknesses. Diva becomes ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsFantasyKidsPrincessteenagersThe_Elephant_Princess

Butterfly Kiss

Diva as Juliet gets a lot closer to Kuru to fracture his close relationship with Alex. She steals the magic runes and Kuru and Alex have a ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsFantasyKidsPrincessThe_Elephant_Princess

Dancing Queen

When Alex discovers that Zoe's only a minor player in her ballet recital, Zoe wants to pull out altogether. Unknown to Zoe, Alex lends her ... tags: FamilyFamily_and_KidsFantasyKidsPrincessThe_Elephant_Princess