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'Rolling Stone's' Michael Hastings: Homeland Security monitored OWS, Wikileaks emails show

Rolling Stone contributing editor Michael Hastings tells Cenk how the Department of Homeland Security monitored Occupy Wall Street ... tags: Cenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVElection 2012NewsOccupy Wall StreetPolitics

Corporate tax rate was 12.1% in 2011 -- a 40-year low

Cenk does the math to prove how totally right Warren Buffett was to say that corporations aren't being taxed as heavily as average ... tags: Cenk UygurCommentarycorporate taxesCurrent TVElection 2012NewsPolitics

Wall Street bonuses drop 14 percent, so bankers cry about losing Aspen vacation homes

Cenk calls out Wall Street employees whining about the 14 percent drop in their cash bonus pool. Tune in Weeknights at 700/600c on Current ... tags: Cenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVElection 2012NewsPoliticsThe Young Turks

Mormons perform proxy baptisms to help release the dead from 'spirit prison'

Author Latayne Scott helps Cenk shed light on why Mormons keep baptizing the dead. Tune in Weeknights at 700/600c on Current TV tags: Cenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVElection 2012Latayne ScottNewsPolitics

Is the White House reponsible for changing the conversation on climate change?

Sam Seder and Amanda Terkel join Cenk's Power Panel to talk climate change. Tune in Weeknights at 700/600c on Current TV tags: Amanda TerkelCenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVElection 2012NewsPolitics

Dan Savage helps us pick a #SantorumCodeName for his newSecret Service detail

When Mitt Romney got Secret Service protection, on viewer contributed code name 'RoboCorp,' which has become a favorite nickname for TYT. ... tags: Cenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVElection 2012gayNewsPolitics

Granholm on Michigan primary: Romney has gone so far to the right, I don't know how he walks it back

Michael Shure talks to Current correspondent David Shuster, on location in Michigan, and Jennifer Granholm, the state's former governor ... tags: Cenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVDavid ShusterElection 2012GOP PrimariesJennifer Granholm

Will GOP candidates' right turn on social issues ultimately help Obama?

Michael Shure and Power Panelists Rashad Robinson from Color of Change and Benjy Sarlin of Talking Points Memo talk about whether the ... tags: Barack ObamaBenjy SarlinCenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVElection 2012Michael Shure

Don't drill for more oil to lower gas prices, drill the oil speculators

Cenk debunks the myth that soaring gas prices could be curbed if the US allowed more oil drilling. Tune in Weeknights at 700/600c on ... tags: Cenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVElection 2012GasGoldman SachsNews