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Australian thalidomide victims share class action victory

A class action over birth defects by more than 100 victims of thalidomide has been settled for 89 million Australian dollars 60 million ... tags: actionAustraliaAustralianclasseuronewsnewsshare

Australie : 60 millions d'euros pour les victimes de la thalidomide

Plus de cinquante annes de combat portent enfin leur fruit pour une centaine de victimes australiennes et no-zlandaises de la thalidomide. ... tags: Australiedeuroseuronewslesmillionsnewspour

Everyday Challenges: Living with the Effects of Thalidomide | Journal Reporters

Between 1957 and 1961, the sedative thalidomide, sold under the trademark Contergan, was widely prescribed to pregnant women in Germany. ... tags: contergandeutsche_welledwgermanyjournal_reporterthalidomide

Les victimes de la thalidomide demandent réparation...

C'est le premier procs en Espagne de la thalidomide. Ce mdicament, prescrit aux femmes enceintes dans les annes 50 et 60, est responsable ...

Spain thalidomide victims seek compensation against drug...

The first trial has opened in Spain against the German producers of the drug thalidomide which caused children to be born with severe ...

Germany's Largest Drug Safety Scandal - Thalidomide, 50 years on | People & Politics

The thalidomide drug safety scandal was the worst in German history. The sedative was produced by the German pharmaceutical company ...

Enfin des excuses du producteur de la thalidomide

Plus de cinquante aprs, le producteur allemand de la thalidomide s'excuse. Le mdicament vendu dans les annes 1950 aux femmes enceintes pour ... tags: AllemagnedesEnfineuronewsexcusesproducteurSanté

Thalidomide victims reject apology

By Laura HardingThe Grunenthal Group said in a statement it 'regrets' the consequences of the drug, which was used to combat morning ... tags: apologythalidomidevictims

İspanya'da Thalidomide yasağı delindi iddiası

spanya'da bir ila firmasnn 1961'de yasaklanan Thalidomide adl ilac uzunca bir sre daha satmaya devam ettii ne srld. spanya Thalidomide ... tags: delindieuronewsiddiasıSağlıkThalidomideyasağıİspanya

Thalidomide manufacturer apologizes

Nearly a half century later, an apology from the German manufacturer of a drug that caused thousands of birth defects worldwide. ... tags: apologizescauseddrugfromGembaramarketThalidomide

Thalidomide allegedly sold in Spain after ban

The morning sickness drug thalidomide, which caused severe birth defects in babies around the world, continued being sold in Spain after ... tags: afterallegedlybancommenteuronewsHealthnocomment