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How to Quickly Fix an Undercooked Thanksgiving Turkey - CHOW Tip

You carve into your Thanksgiving turkey, and discover the meat is still raw. Christine Yue Gallary, Associate Food Editor at, ... tags: and bloody chow chow tip chow tips cook

How to Deal with Burnt Marshmallows on Sweet Potato Casserole - CHOW Tip

Amy Wisniewski, Food Editor at, saves the house from burning and the sweet potato casserole from ruin all with one simple trick. ... tags: amy burnt burnt sweet potatoes casserole chow chow tip chow tips

Two Easy Ways to Get Stuck Pie Dough Off the Counter - CHOW Tips

You floured your counter, but your pie dough stuck anyway. Lisa Lavery, Kitchen Editorial Assistant at, shares two simple ways to ... tags: backing chow chow tip chow tips counter dental floss

The Best Way to Reheat Cold Mashed Potatoes - CHOW Tip

Amy Wisniewski, Food Editor at, avoids drying out, burning, or unevenly reheating mashed potatoes with a quick and easy solution. ... tags: Amy chow chow tip chow tips cold drink

How to Fix Lumpy Gravy - CHOW Tip

Christine Yue Gallary, associate food editor at, shares three easy ways to fix lumpy gravy for your Thanksgiving dinner. See more ... tags: chow chow tip chow tips chowtip christine diy