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Tomorrow Today | Studio Guest: Dr. Gabriele Schönherr

To discuss the revolutionary things that the heirs of Galileo hope to find out there,we're joined by a physicist who has helped coordinate ... tags: AstronomyDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVELTGermanyHubble

The Incredible Next Generation of Telescopes!

To unlock the mysteries of the universe it will take a new generation of huge earth based telescopes beyond imagination. The future is now

Pan-STARRS telescope keeps an eye out for stray asteroids

Killer asteroids and stray comets, it's not just the imagination of Hollywood scriptwriters. KITV 4's Paul Drewes explains how Hawaii ... tags: AdministrationAeronauticsandastronomicalNationalRapidSpace

Eyes On The Skies (4): From Silver To Silicon (HD Quality)

Video streaming by - quotEyes On The Skiesquot - The International Astronomical Union039s book and movie celebrating ... tags: astronomyspacetelescopes

Triple Delight in the Miky Way

Color coded images from NASAs three Great Observatories the Hubble, Spitzer and Chandra space telescopes are combined to produce this ... tags: AllThingsScienceconChandraDelightHubbleNasaSpitzertelescopes

Radio Telescopes

The Sun and stars emits radio waves not just visible and infrared light. In the 1930s, Karl Jansky built the first devise to 'listen' to ... tags: andastronomyCanadalgonquinMuseumOttawaRadio

Optical Telescopes Part 2

The first national observatories were built for two practical reasons to provide accurate timekeeping, and to assist surveyors with ... tags: andastronomyCanadaGalileoOpticalScienceTechnology

Optical Telescopes Part I

The beginning of modern astronomy is often linked to Galileo building his first telescope in 1609 roughly 400 years ago While he was not ... tags: andastronomyCanadaGalileoOpticalScienceTechnology

Hubblecast 06: A battle of giants

Have you ever wondered why some telescopes are launched into space while others are built on remote mountain tops What is actually the best ... tags: astronomycosmosHubblesciencespacetechtelescopes

Winter Star Party In The Florida Keys

ome 600 professional and amateur astronomers from around the world are peering through telescopes in the lower Florida Keys this week, ... tags: astronomyfloridakeysKnowledge_Sciencepartysouthern_crossstar

The Shrinking [Expanding] Moon

New images from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter LRO spacecraft show the moon's crust is being stretched, forming valleys in a few small ... tags: aliensanti-matterapolloastronautsastronomyblack_holescosmic

NASA SDO - Amateur Astronomers; Thank You!

Every day and every night thousands of Amateur Astronomers are pointing their telescopes into the skies, surveying the stars, planets and ... tags: AmateurAstronomersDynamicsNASAObservatoryplanetsSDO