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Somalis air views on country's conflict

In recent months residents of Somalia have struggled with a devastating drought on top of decades of armed conflict.But the stories and ... tags: africanewsalbazleyconflictjazeeranewsomali

Al Qaeda in Yemen says it is fighting the US - 22 Dec 09

Men claiming to be leaders of al Qaeda have made a rare public appearance in Yemen, telling an anti-government rally the fight is against ... tags: AlarmyBazleyEnglishJazeeraQaedaTarek

UN confronts 'worst ever disaster'

The United Nations says Haiti's earthquake is the worst disaster it has ever had to deal with.Aid is now pouring in, with a steady flow of ... tags: aljazeeraamericasnewsbazelyfoodhaitinationsprogramme

Depicting post-Mubarak Egypt

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has appeared in a Cairo court and denied charges of murder and corruption.State prosecutor Mustafa ... tags: authoregyptenglishjazeeramiddleeastnewsmubaraknasser

Indian wins fifth world chess title

It's a game that's thought to have originated in India in the 6th century. And now in the 21st century, an Indian is the world's best chess ... tags: alAnandBorisGelfandindiaIsraelJazeera

Fresh fighting in Chad threatens aid base - 8 May 09

Fresh clashes have erupted in eastern Chad between government troops and rebels from neighbouring Sudan.The government says the fighting ... tags: AbecheAlAlJazeeraBazleyJazeeraTarek

Aftermath of renewed fighting in eastern Chad - 09 May 09

The UN Security Council has condemned an offensive by rebels fighting Chad's government in the east of the country.Heavy fighting has been ... tags: africaaljazeeraBazelychaddarfurenglishjazeera

A decade of digital advances - 31 Dec 09

The past decade has yielded technological breakthroughs that make is possible to carry music and video around in electronic devices and to ... tags: advancesaljazeerabazleydigitalinternetipodjazeera

Activists clash with Japan whalers - 6 Jan 10

Six anti-whaling protesters who suffered minor injuries when their boat collided with a Japanese whaling ship have been rescued in the ... tags: aljazeeraanti-whalingasia-pacificnewsbazelyconservationistsjapanjazeera

Haiti quake UN's most fatal incident

Thirty-six UN workers have been confirmed dead in Haiti's devastating earthquake, making it the deadliest single incident in the world ... tags: aljazeeraamericasnewsbazelyearthquakehaitinationstarek

Deadly storm batters Europe

'Xynthia', a powerful Atlantic storm, has smashed through several European countries, including France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and ... tags: bazleyeuropeeuropenewsfataljazeerastormtarek

Tragedy off the Lebanon coast

Rescue boats and helicopters scoured the Mediterranean Sea after an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed just off the coast of Lebanon early ... tags: bazleycrashEthiopiajazeeraLebanonmiddleeastnewstarek