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Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day_Kumain Tayo,We Eat!!!!!

In Today's learn Tagalog Today Lesson, we discuss eating. In the typical Filipino Home you might hear the Cook say Kumain Tayo ,which ... tags: blogger buzznet davao facebook filipino blog filipino language filipino video

Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day_Ayos Ka lang ba, Are You Alright!!!.WMV

Today, in Learn Tagalog Today, Word of the Day, we will learn how to ask someone if they are alright in Tagalog. Very easy to learn, and ... tags: blip tv facebook filipino filipino languag google buzz google reader learn filipino

Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day_Matulog,Sleep!!!

In Todayaposs Learn Tagalog Lesson, we learn to say sleep in Tagalog, and got to sleep. To Say Sleep in Tagalog, you say Matulog. tags: blip.tvbuzznetcebudavao_citydayenducationEntertainment

Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day_Pakasalan Mo Ako,Marry Me!!!

In todayaposs Learn Tagalog Today ,Word of the day lesson, we look at how to ask that special girl in your life,to marry you. to Say marry ... tags: dayEntertainmentfilippiino_wordslearn_tagalog_todaymarry_mepakasalan_mo_akotagalog_phrases

Learn Tagalog Today, Word of The Day Kabayo,Horse !!!!.MP4

In Today's Learn Tagalog Today , word of the day, we learn to say Horse in Tagalog. Horse in Tagalog is Kabayo. This can also mean Steed or ... tags: americanblip_tvdayenglish_tagalog_translationfilippino_blogfilippino_podcastfilippino_videos

Learn Tagalog Today Word of The Day,Mahabang Pila.WMV

In Today's Learn Tagalog Today Word of The Day, we will learn to sayLong Line in Tagalog . To say Long Line we say Mahabang Pila. tags: blogdayEducationenglish_tagalog_translationfilippino_blogfilippino_phrasesfilippino_podcast

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 15,Family -2.MP4

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 15 is all about rain,raining outside,and family. Learn to say ... tags: auntbrotherbrother_in_lawenglish_tagalog_translationEpisodefamilyfather

Learn Tagalog Today,Episode 14,More Counting.avi

In Today's Lesson we will continue on with our counting. In the last Episode, we learned to count from 1 to 20 in Tagalog.Today, we count ... tags: blogcount_in_TagalogDalawampu't_Isadelawapu't_delawafilipino_phrasesfilipino_wordsHowto

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 13,Count in Tagalog !.m4v

In this lesson, we will be learning to count to 20 in Tagalog. In later lessons, we will cover how to count to 100,follow these lessons on ... tags: count_in_tagalogfilipinofilipino_blogfilipino_grammarfilipino_videofilipino_wordsHowto

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 10, I Don't Understand!.avi

In today's lesson we will learn to say I Don't Understand in Tagalog. We will also cover how to say can you say that again and a couple ... tags: beginner_tagalogEducationfilipino_blogfilipino_grammarfilipino_videosI_Don't_Understandlearn_filipino

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 8,More Compliments

In this Episode,we continue on with those compliments we looked at in the last Lesson. This time,the compliment is directed straight at the ... tags: American_Speaks_TagalogEpisodefilipino_blogfilipino_phrasesfilipino_videofilipino_wordsforeign

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 9,Fire in The Marketplace_h264.flv

In today's lesson we will learn how to say it is windy outside. We will also learn to say There is a Fire in The Marketplace. it is kind of ... tags: basic_filipinobasic_tagalogeasy_tagalog_wordsEducationfilipinofilipino_grammarfilipino_phrases