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The Ultimate NFL Joke

Terp tells a great joke that all NFL fans will enjoy, no matter what team they root for Starring Chris Trew.Directed, written by, starring, ... tags: chrisfootballnewnflorleansstudio8team

Restaurant Chronicles - "McDonalds"

This is a dramatic reenactment of an actual restaurant review that we found on Tami Nelson.Directed, written, ... tags: burgerchroniclesdramatichamburgermcdonaldsreenactmentrestaurant


This sure is a video about something special - mommies and sons who love each other too much. It's sort of a sequel to our video ... tags: childdaddydaughterfamilylovemommymother

Mr. White's List of Demands - Ep. 4

In this very special episode, Carson gets called into an office, but it's not Mr. White's What is going on around here This episode ... tags: crazydemandslistmisterofficescaryspazz

Mr. White's List of Demands - Ep. 3

Mr. White is back with another list of things that he needs, and it's short and easy. Maybe things are looking up for Carson... tags: comedycrazydemandslistofficeseriessketch

Terp 2 It: Live Footage/Promo Video

Live footage from Terp 2 It's 'The Advice Anthem' and the music video for 'Don't Feel Like Learning.' Contact ColdTowne Tourco for booking ... tags:

A Writer's Strike

Brock decides to join the Hollywood writers' strike and pickets against Studio 8, but ends up losing his cool and then has to learn a ... tags: angerbrocklabordelinepicketrorystrike

Give Movie Monster a New Catchphrase!

Simply put, Movie Monster needs a new catchphrase. If you submit one that he likes, he'll use it in future videos and you'll win a real ... tags: barrycatchphrasecontestholidaymonstermoviepreview

The Christmas Sweater Adventure

This is the thrilling tale of St. Peter's Royal Yuletide trels of St. Louis, three men and one dastardly manager who spend a year traveling ... tags: adventurecarolchristmasmerrysingsongstudio8

Mr. White's List of Demands - Ep. 2

In this episode, Carson buckles under the pressure of too many Denises. What will happen next tags: comedycrazydemandslistofficeseriessketch

Mr. White's List of Demands - Ep. 1

This is a series about a lot of things - hatred for one's boss, good work ethics, attitude, things, paranoia, and fun. Will poor Carson be ... tags: comedycrazydemandslistofficeseriessketch

How to YouTube

Recently, YouTube made this video about making videos nobody liked that video, so YouTube asked Studio 8 to remake it so everyone will like ... tags: diyfilmmakingfunhelphowideastudio8