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Missing Nida barred from going to university

Missing Newport 18-year-old Nida Ul-Naseer was said to be upset because her family's asylum-seeker status barred her from attending ... tags: asylum_seekerseducationmissingnewportnida_ul-naseerstudiesuniversity

Our studio guest: Harald von Witzke | Made in Germany

Let's talk a little bit more about food and prices and to do that I'm joined by a man who knows this topic very well. Harald von Witzke ... tags: agriculturalforHaraldprofessorstudiesvonWitzke

Islamic Preachers Go Back to School | People & Politics

Islamic preachers working in German mosques are usually trained abroad. They often speak little German and are not familiar with the ... tags: DeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermanyImamsIslamicOsnabrück

Emotional avatars | Video of the day

Many of us think that virtual characters in computer games have, well, no character, or emotions. IT specialists from Augsburg in the ... tags: AvatarcomputerdayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVEmotion

Emotion Studies - My Friend, the Avatar | Tomorrow Today

Avatars are everywhere. Whether in computer games, in GPS systems or on home pages, virtual agents are there to make life in the digital ... tags: AvatarcomputerDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVEmotionfeelings

Films stopped Kareena from studying

Actress Kareena Kapoor, who is a graduate and also studied law for some time, regrets that she couldn't study further due to her interest ...

New sleeping pill may work with fewer side effects

Suvorexant is a new sleeping pill awaiting FDA approval. Dr. Carol Ash, director of sleep medicine at Meridian Health, talks to Charlie ...

Destination: Antarctica

A paradise for astronomers, Antarctica is the closest place you can be to outer space without actually leaving planet Earth, and is the ...

A Manifesto -The Next Generation of Academics - 1/2

A Manifesto -The Next Generation of Academics - 1/2 tags: globalstudies

A Manifesto -The Next Generation of Academics - 2/2

A Manifesto -The Next Generation of Academics - 2/2 tags: globalstudies

Creme pour changer de couleur

11/24/08 tags: blackblanchirchangercouleurcrancremeelection