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"Encouraging a Culture of Community" - Stay in Touch--Ron Mainse

Ron says 'We really appreciate you and how you stay in touch with us through the phone, mail or email. And I appreciate how open and real ... tags: 05communityconfusioncoreculturedisplacementenergy

Biblical Meditation --Stay in Touch--Ron Mainse

Ron explains 'The dictionary defines 'meditation' as 'the act of focusing one's thoughts to ponder, think on, or muse.' Meditation consists ... tags: 05actuallyageareBibleeasternembraced

Thank You Canada Cross Country Tour---Stay in Touch--Ron Mainse with David Mainse

Ron caught up with David in Florida by Skype...and David updates us on his plans for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations for Crossroads and ... tags: 06canadacountrycrossdavidHS9047mainse

"Adopted into God's Family" Stay in Touch-Ron Mainse (Family Day)

Today, the third Monday of February, is observed by three Canadian provinces as Family Day. So in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, most ... tags: 05HS9048mainseronstayintouch

"Overcoming Entitlement"--Stay in Touch--Ron Mainse

Ron tells us...'You've probably witnessed the scene unfold in a store somewhere It usually happens near the checkout line at a supermarket ... tags: 05departmententitlementgroceryHS9046mainseold

"30-Years of Valentines"--Stay in Touch--Ron Mainse

In this special edition of Stay in Touch Ron talks about meeting his wife Ann..Ron also reminds us that God has our number tags: 06awtozerdaydealingsfactfaithfinding

"The Proving of the Lord"--Stay in Touch--Ron Mainse

Ron says 'It doesn't matter if you're a kid on the playground or a responsible, level-headed adult, human nature still cries out for the ... tags: 05bruiseddisbeliefHS9045josephlordmainse

"God's Promises for our Homes" Stay in Touch--Ron Mainse

Ron shares with us some memories and many of us will remember the joy of Saturday morning cartoons. Of course, one of the best was the ... tags: 07andconfidenceforgodshomesHS9043

"Brokenhearted" Stay in Touch--Ron Mainse

Ron writes...'We see this tragic theme of being 'brokenhearted' many times as people stay in touch with us. I can't think of a more ... tags: 05bindsbreakingbrokenheartedcrushinggospelHS9042

"Share the Burden" Stay in Touch--Ron Mainse

Ron explains--'It is a privilege for us here at 100 Huntley Street to pray for so many people, whatever the need might be. Perhaps you've ... tags: 05100circumstancesfinancialHS9041huntleymoney

"Feeling Like a Death Row Prisoner" --Stay in Touch--Ron Mainse

Ron tells us 'Capital punishment has always been a controversial subject. In Canada, years of debate took place before it was officially ... tags: 05ApostleareBiblecanadacapitalcontroversy

"Hang On!" --Stay In Touch--Ron Mainse

Ron shares with us....'Sometimes very powerful imagery can be communicated in just a couple short the little phrase that's ... tags: 06accountbankcliffdangerousdaviddesperation