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Star Wars Episode Iv: A New Hope Videos by Popular

How 'Her' Created A Hyper-Realistic Future With A Sparse Budget

Her, the new Spike Jonze-directed film that delves into the relationship between a man and a machine, is getting all sorts of accolades for ... tags: Arts_EntertainmentLos_AngelesScott_MendelsenSpike_JonzeStar_WarsStar_Wars_Episode_IV:_A_New_Hope

Did George Lucas begin with Star Wars Episode IV - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Shot at studio User Submitted Question Daniel Matthews writes Hi everyone, love the show. I was wondering if I ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkDennis_TzengErin_DarlingGeorge_LucasJohn_CampeaStar_Wars

Jennifer Lawrence Laughs Off Rumors She'll Play A Young Han Solo In A Star Wars Movie

Jennifer Lawrence's talents know no limits, but that doesn't mean she's willing to take on every role under the sun. Speaking to Slash Film ...

Michael B. Jordan Confirms Audition For Star Wars 7

If you ask Michael B. Jordan, he wouldn't mind making the jump to light speed like most everybody else in Hollywood. The former Wire star, ...

Is Benedict Cumberbatch Going To Be In The New 'Star Wars' Movie?

The latest Star Wars rumor bouncing around the internet is that Benedict Cumberbatch is joining the cast of Star Wars Episode VII. ...

Are These The Ten Best Sci-Fi Mind Control Movies?

We've seen the ads, we've seen a trailer, but we really have no idea what to expect from this week's release of Gamer. Except that it's ... tags: bodycontroldamnedDestroyAllMonstersdestroy_all_monstersepisodeFandom