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Cocaine residue found on 90% of American currency

Approximately 90 of U.S. bills have trace of cocaine on them. Bills from cities tend to have more cocaine than bills from more rural areas. ... tags: christinecocainecurrencydell-amorepriyasridharUS

Are Republicans trying to get rid of Obama appointees with an anti-czar bill?

A congressman from Georgia sponsored an anti czar bill aimed at prohibiting taxpayer dollars from funding salaries of any official that the ... tags: anti-czarbillDemocratshealthcareObamapartisanpolitics

Ron Paul in 2012?

As America becomes disillusioned with Obama, there may be an opening for third party candidates. One of those potential candidates is Texas ... tags: barackobamapaulpoliticspriyarocheron

Will President Obama ask Turkish PM to release Ergenekon members?

The Turkish Prime Minister is meeting President Obama in Washington on Monday. Among the many issues the two will be discussing, RT ... tags: ergenekonministerobamapresidentprimepriyasridhar

Have scientists discovered a new inhabitable planet?

Scientists have discovered a 'waterworld' super Earth that is only 42 light years away. The planet reportedly has a surface temperature ... tags: DCjeffreymanbermartiansplanetpriyaRT

US drones intercepted by $26 software

Defense officials have confirmed that U.S. drones have been intercepted by insurgents with 26 software. How can this complex military ... tags: DCdronesmadsenobamapresidentpriyasridhar

Afghanistan 2010: More deaths, but Taliban on the run

Intelligence failures may have contributed to an upsurge in Taliban activity recently and unless the system for sharing intelligence ... tags: americancenterforkorblawrencepriyaprogress

CIA outsourcing intel gathering and assassinations

Vanity Fair has reported that Blackwater employees worked as members of CIA assassination teams, both in the US and abroad. One of these ... tags: blackwaterfairgermanymadsenpriyarussiasridhar

Did Pakistan help the CIA bomber?

Afghan intelligence shows that the ISI, the Pakistani intelligence service, helped the bomber who killed 7 CIA agents in Afghanistan. Is ... tags: 911afghanistanbombingCIAgeraldpakistanposner

Outsourcing the US government

After the U.S. Supreme Court eased limits on corporate campaign spending, many are worried about the effect foreign money could have on ... tags: campaigncorporationcourtjusticelawpriyarussia

US army is recruiting children

The US has long-fought against the use of child soldiers abroad, but apparently not at home, according to Tim Franzen of the American ... tags: abuseafscchildfranzenpriyasoldierssridhar