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India implement new laws to save endangered species

The government of the Kerala state is planning to implement new strict laws banning plastic from entering the the Eravikulam national Park, ... tags: AnimalsEndangeredGoat_LikeIndiaLawsNilgiri_TahrSpecies

The Coolest Nature Video Ever

That's a stunning slow motion exploration of nature. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: coolcreaturesfilmnaturespecies

10 Epic Facts About Planet Earth

It's round and a day lasts 24 hours. Or does it Here are... tags: alltime10sdirector:Diagonal_Viewevolutextinctiongoldmapsatellite

Global 3000 | Invasion of the Species

From American racoons to Chinese mitten crabs,Germany is home to over 1300 non-native animals and over 600 non-native plants. Many are ... tags: 3000animalsCultureDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVEconomics

Are invasions of foreign species always a negative development? | Tomorrow Today

Dr. Ingolf Khn, a biodiversity expert from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research in Halle.Read more

The man born by a single species: Science publishes discovery that rewrites the Evolution ...

Stunning Skull Gives a Fresh Portrait of Early Humans. A Complete Skull from Dmanisi, Georgia, and the Evolutionary Biology of Early Homo. ...

Lonesome Chuck calls for a mate he may never find

Visitors of Lockwood, Mo., have dubbed one of the last prairie chickens in the area 'Lonesome Chuck' for his mating calls that may never be ...

Baby bongo antelope makes its debut

One month-old bongo antelope named Binti wins the hearts of visitors as he makes his debut at the Melbourne Zoo in Australia. Bongo ...

The evolving roles of zoos

With so many animals in displays becoming endangered, the St. Louis Zoo is pressured to shift its focus from exhibition to conservation. ...

Cause of mass dolphin death still a mystery

More than 120 dead dolphins have washed ashore between Virginia and New Jersey this summer, and the cause is still a mystery. NOAA is ...

Arlington Graves Stripped Of Personal Mementos In Controversial Cleanup

Arlington National Cemetery recently began enforcing a policy that forbids the placing of mementos on graves, notably in Section 60, which ...

New video gives hope for Javan rhino population

Six extremely rare Javan rhino calves show up on footage taken from a hidden camera in Indonesia's Ujung Kulon National Park. Felipe Maya ...